Thursday, November 02, 2006

Esperanza Fire

So the Esperanza fire is essentially under control, after "42,000 acres burned, $8.3 million in damages, 34 homes destroyed along with 20 other structures, livestock killed and tortured, and five firefighters dead from a fire engine crew caught by a surprise swirl of flames along Gorgonio View Road." One of the fire fighters was only 20, one 23. So tragic. These fires were about 45 minutes away from where we live... we pass through Banning and Beumont on our way to S.D and on our way to our temple in Redlands, so we go through there a lot. It is so scary that one lunatic (possibly) could cause so much damage.


Missy said...

Lillie! I'm glad you posted about this b/c we had been thinking about you guys. I wanted to call you, but realized that I don't have your phone number. Hmm. Anyway, glad you guys are ok!

s.a.s. said...

Lil - been worried about you too! So glad you're far enough away to only suffer smoke inhalation. Sad for those firefighters and their families. Note: Sophia is not allowed to be a firefighter.

Lowdogg said...

That's why California is such a hideously dangerous place! What with Earthquakes and Arsonists and Oppressive Taxation.
Its not too late to move to Florida, "Where nothing bad ever happens."

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