Sunday, August 28, 2011

So glad to be home

But that doesn't mean I won't be pouring through Maui photos for days.

Big topics:

-Finn will still nurse. I was terrified.... and all is well.
-Sophia starts first grade tomorrow and I have a nervous sick stomach. 2:45! That is SO much of the day. I still can't figure out how we're supposed to find time after that for homework AND play and family time. And I happen to think the latter two are important... contrary to this book. Have you read it? Very interesting.
- Lizzie started up her blog again-- just in case you were as sad as me when she stopped. Dear friend, lovely blog. And lots of yummy, HEALTHY recipes popping up right now.
- I was ACHING for my kids by the last day or two of Hawaii... especially Finn. :) I am so so happy to be home, but it took all of 30 minutes or so for Mila to start unleashing her fits on us. You think of anything--ANYTHING and Mila can throw a fit about it right now. A cup, a seat, a noise you make, a smell, your mention of a smell. Holy cow. I keep asking her, "did you act like this for Nana"... she'll stop her insane fit to say "no" and then continue on thrashing. She saved it all for me. Sweet thang. Even still, I missed her to death.

I HOPE she saved it all for me. Either way, Nana and Grandpa, you are SAINTS for snuggling our most precious treasures for the week!


Brandon or Michelle said...

ooo, maui! NOW I've got envy.

Abigail said...

My children always 'take it out' on me when I've been away for a while...I'm sure Mila is just checking things are still as they should be and re-affirming the lines and boundaries!
My second child is also the one who grumbles most about anything he doesn't like around him, and never fails, when we've had a lovely day out, to complain about how it's too soon to go home, he's not had fun yet.
Good job the cuddles make up for it.

TnD said...

They just don't want you to get too comfy without them. Welcome home.

caley-jade rosenberg said...

Enjoy being home and kiddy cuddles!
Can't wait to see Maui pics!