Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I just feel like I need to take a moment and talk about eyelashes

I wish I could do a before and after. But I wasn't exactly taking pictures to try and showcase my eyelashes before. They were just extremely unnoticeable. You know how cartoon animals are made female by their luscious eyelashes? If I were a cartoon animal, people would have totally thought me a boy.

I'll always remember a few years ago, getting ready for a work party and getting my make-up all on, and then my friend, Lizzie got to my house and said, "wait-- don't forget to put on your mascara!" She hates that I won't forget that. But it was eye-opening. (A pun? Almost, but not really.) And maybe these don't seem like much to you. I really don't feel like photo booth was quite doing them justice. But I tell you, I feel like a NEW woman.

My friend Syd manages a nice makeup store, and gave me some Revitalash to try out after I took her and Nate's photos. I was skeptical. As I usually am with... all products in general. I just sort of feel like you can spend so much money on nice "stuff" and look and feel exactly the same. Maybe I'll eat my words again some day when everyone else has smooth skin from using anti-aging creams and I look a hundred from cooking in the desert heat. We'll see.

BUT--- after setting it aside for a month (after I used it once and it made my eyes red and itchy)-- I tried it again. I was more careful to not let it get in my eye and started putting it on consistently at night, after washing off my eye make-up. (I add that part in because I am that girl who never bothered washing off her eye makeup at night. If you saw me during the week, I was most likely in work-out clothes and day old mascara. I know... I know. All up-kept girls are shaking their heads in disgust.) Syd would die when I told her that. 'Well no wonder you're eyelashes won't grow!'

So I went all out. Started using the Costco make up wipes for my eyes (I have always washed my face at night, just not my eyes.) And I'd use the revitalash every night. A few weeks in, I thought I might have noticed a teenie difference. Just maybe. After 3 months, I felt, SERIOUSLY, like a new woman. When I wake up in the morning, I SEE my eyelashes. Even with no make up. They curl up against my lids instead of sticking straight out where you can't see them...and they're so much longer...

They're a little wild, which can be tricky-- they cross over each other a lot more and curl to the side instead of back... but I'll take it. I'll take my wild, cartoon-girl-animal lashes.

SO-- what I felt like I should share, is this. My friend Brooke found a generic version of the product online. Instead of paying like 150 bucks a bottle, these are 30 bucks a bottle, WITH a purchase of 6 bottles. If you buy just one, I think they're 50, and then you have to pay shipping. So find a few friends that each want a couple-- and load up. You'll NEVER go back.

(But do your own research, if we all go blind in ten years, I don't want it on my hands... but it's glaucoma medicine... meant to go in the eye... I'm feeling ok about it. For whatever that's worth. :))


Brandon or Michelle said...

nobody's posted and told you how fantastic your eyelashes are?! what in the world, I thought I'd be late in the conversation.

I never noticed your eyelashes (or lack thereof) before, but these are pretty rockin'. when I get $$ again, are you going to go generic? if so, I'm in on the group rate.

now, if only they could also make them dark. or do they? they don't right?

I don't know when you're headed to HI, but WOW have a wonderful time. I was sitting at the beach last saturday thinking you were a lucky duck and then my husband reminded me that I was sitting on a beach in florida. oh, right.

:) love you lady!

Mandy said...

I'm with you! I had the same eye lash problem as you and was sick of it. Did tons of research to find products that were too expensive and had major side effects. UGH! Finally went to a baby shower and saw a friend of mine and I could not stop starring at her eye lashes. I finally asked her what she had been using and it's totally cheap. BONUS: It totally works. It's Rapidlash. You can buy it at Costco sometimes or just go online and it's usually the cheapest at Amazon. I now love my cartoon like eyelashes and finally see what all the fuss is about having long eyelashes. Yours look gorgeous by the way! :)

Laurel said...

i am sooo looking into this. Thanks!

Adrienne said...

About how long does a bottle last?

Rebecca said...

I just came across your blog and am seriously loving it! it's so cute and I love all your tips and pictures =] It was an instant follow!

JCW said...

Loved this post, thanks for sharing your experience. One question, do you have any idea about using it while breastfeeding? Obviously your using it and I was just wondering if you had talked to anyone who said it's fine (your friend?) I have a bottle of similiar product (Lumigan) that I've been wanting to start applying but I was worried because I have a six month old and am breastfeeding a lot. As it happens, my husband is a pharmacist but I don't want to "go there" because he'll just tell me not to use it! But I want to if it's pretty safe...I'm hoping you got the green light from someone!!