Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Bachelorette

I can't remember the last season where I really cared who was picked at the end. Usually by the end, my favorite is gone, or we've learned too much about everyone to even have a favorite. But THIS time, I was so on edge through the entire episode-- sick for her that she had to dump one of them... both genuinely nice guys who were so in to her, and both TOTALLY thought they were winning it.

Ashley's sister was revolting to me-- so smug and arrogant to assume her 5-minute-impression deserved to be set in stone... which made me feel so sorry for JP... poor guy didn't know what he was getting in to when he got all freshly shaven and buttoned up for that family. But I have to admit, it may have made me realize that it's true, he wasn't much of a funny guy. (The sister decided he was NOT the one for Ash when Ashley balked at the question "does he make you laugh?") But besides that (and the fact that he wrote "baby" in his letter to her :/) I think he's a catch.

Meanwhile... Ben got cuter and cuter. Even though he does resemble the caveman from the capital one commercials a little. And even though his hat last night with all of his bangs fluffing out made me a little nervous. He did seem a little refreshing and casual compared to JP. Maybe I was rooting for him by the end.

And then she crushed him. It was awful and painful and his long hair was blowing sideways which looked kind of silly to boot. Which was a bummer. And she let him get down and propose which is always a big no-no if she knows the answer's no.

But I'm still an Ashley fan. She was fine to me last season. But I actually really loved her by the end of this. I think she's funny and quick and natural and generally really kind and sincere. She gets ripped apart for being insecure and delivering messages wrong, but I think she's just normal and not repeating the politically correct bachelorette/robot lines of the past. I mean she did say her fair share of "connection" and "chemistry" and "journey", but I think she does it less than any old bachelorettes. So she deserves that.

I read this post about the show that destroyed Ashley and JP--- I disagree with almost all of it... and felt so sad realizing all the mean things you must read about yourself after being in the spot light.... but it's pretty funny and comprehensive... if you're into that sort of thing.

sigh--- is it really over? it's always a sad day for me.


nicole said...

I was rooting for Ben. Ah well. I'm totally going to watch Bachelor Pad 2. I'm a reality show junkie; it's true. xo.

Ashley said...

I just read the post you referenced at the end of yours, HOLY SCHMOLY! I didn't realize people could be so harsh. That girl was brutal. And she doesn't even know em! I like yours better

Janette said...

I loved this season! I feel the same as you about Ashley I didn't love her until she became the bachelorette. She was normal and maybe cried a little bit too much... ah well:)
I was really hoping for JP butthought she'd pick ben. I am so glad she picked him.I cannot believe that link you posted. CRAZY lady!! She needs to stop watching reality shows.. eek.

Ainsley said...

i love jp. i'm kinda sad it is over, i've been toying with the idea of watching the finale over again, but seems like a major waste of 3 hours. still might though.

brooke said...

I just read that other article. Why do people hate them so much. I feel like they are both a little annoying and whiny, but that makes them a good match.
Oh how I already long for the next season. I feel lost without it!