Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I forgot one

(The kids taking turns telling "scary" stories around the fire.)

The bonfire is always like my favorite part of being at the beach. Growing up in San Diego, bonfires were part of my life. And there was nothing quite like being at the beach all day and watching it transition into night... then enjoying that same beach when you can barely see it. I think the darkness makes your other senses stronger and suddenly the sounds of the ocean crashing and the smell of the salt and the fire are all around you. Good for the soul.

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Luciana Svilpa said...

Lillie, I don't remember exactly how I ended up in your blog, but I love your pictures! You and your family are beautiful and your kids are just adorable. I have three boys of my own ( - how are you adjusting to life with a little guy after two girls, is it any different (besides the obvious hehe). I hope to keep following your blog, I have to say that here in Seattle we just had a horrible summer so I just went on a trip to the beach in my head seeing these pictures, sounds like fun! Luciana