Wednesday, August 03, 2011

"She's a wild one, with an angel's face..."

As usual, Mila was having a melt-down today, screaming because Sophia wanted to draw, and so wouldn't play Pirate Princess with her.

"I'll play pirate princess with you." I offer--- thinking for sure this will cheer her up instantly. I'm a popular play-mate around here lately... unfortunately. (I LOVE my kids... I don't really love to play pretend.)
"I don't want to play with YOU.... you do we-ewd boices (weird voices) when you play!!"

And all this time I thought I was scoring points for that. All the wasted efforts. They just really know how to put me in my place these days.


Julie and Kyle said...

Lillie--- So, apparently, there is a live concert for this new Young Womens cd that I'm on. I went to go check out the details (to see if I was listed as a performer, without me knowing it) and I found you!!!...

did you know you were famous!!?? amazing, right? your welcome.

Tiffany said...

Classic! Love it.