Thursday, June 09, 2011

Will I ever get used to being a grown up?

I don't know when it happened, but as of today (well then I guess it happened today) my first is DONE with kindergarten.
What on earth.

This little girl could not make my heart burst with any more pride.


Lauren said...

She's so darling and grown up! I totally know what you mean. Grace will be in 3rd grade and gets baptized in August. CRAZY. LOVE the pic of you and Sophia. 2 GORGEOUS girls.

Klaudia said...

I found your blog only like 3 days ago and have already read more than half of your posts. It feels my heart with some kind of joy - knowing that there are still families like Yours. And I love the pictures! Especially those of Mila ;)
Greetings from Poland

Rachelle said...

Of course Sophia is so cute...but I have to tell you how BEAUTIFUL you look! Can't wait to get our girl's trip on in Aug., which is way too far away!!!

Lillie said...

Klaudia... what a sweet comment. Thank you for saying hi!