Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day

A few days late... here's a shot of our super dad. He's a popular guy in our home and we are SO grateful for him.

This Father's Day was interesting for me. I definitely thought of my dad a lot. I had flashes of the silliest memories going through my mind all day--- it made me want to write each of them down in case I run out one day. It's just a scary feeling to not be able to make more. I miss my dad and was grateful for a special day to reflect a little more on him.

But the day was wonderful--- and as always, I felt especially thankful for my step-dad, Kirk who serves and teaches and loves me so much, and for my father-in-law, Steve who raised his sons to be kind and gentle and patient like him...

And especially for my 72-and-sunny, very own, Ross. I still feel lucky every day.

Father's are so incredibly important. Happy late Father's Day.

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