Sunday, June 05, 2011

A Recap

I was going through Ross's iphone pics tonight and realized there were things in there that I'd wanted to record... but of course, if it's not on one of my memory cards, it's not in my memory. So while I'm thinking of it, I'm gonna play catch up... and record a few of the things we've been up to lately.Ross took the girls fishing at a local country club. Catch and release... and they keep it well stocked... so they had success... even with their flimsy princess fishing poles. They loved it.
Finn had his first go at a REAL swing... he liked it... but then I saw his mouth go for that metal thing that a thousand kids have touched and that game was over.

But now I feel like a fraud. Because if you know me you know I let my kids eat food off of the floor and walk into the park bathroom barefoot. I'm certainly no germ-a-phobe.
Just soaking up the last of our gorgeous park-weather before we hit regular triple digits even when the sun drops. There's nothing like some take-out on a blanket at a park on a NICE night with my family.
(I don't think my calf is actually as big as my baby. Let's blame the iphone camera, k?)

Moving on.... LAST weekend.. like two weekends ago now I guess, for Memorial Day, we got a room at a Hyatt in Newport on Priceline. We met up with my sister, Mel and fam at the beach on Monday and enjoyed their FLAWLESS beach weather. I tried not to cry the whole way home.

We love the beach.
And we love hotels. I still feel like a kid in that way. Even though I love my own bed with the foam topper and my special pillow and my SPACE, there's just something about sleeping in a hotel and using their little soap and not having to make my bed that is sooooo fun. My girls were NOT disappointed.

Although she kind of looks it.
That's better.
Our lazy ritual of letting them watch movies on netflix on our iphones when we want to sleep in. Not even a little guilt. Not 'till like 8 at least.

ok those were with the real camera. In a dark room with high iso. I love my camera when I'm up for hauling it.

And moving on again.... DISNEYLAND!

In the past, we've had season passes. But we let them expire when I was super pregnant with Finn, thinking we might not go for a while. Well we've missed it... and a friend of ours somehow got her hands on like 90 free twilight tickets!!! Long story... don't really get it... friend of a friend is an event planner and couldn't use them? But LOTS of us benefited. THANK YOU JENIE! So with one day's notice, we decided to take off this last Friday after school and enjoy an evening in THIS park. Again... gorgeous weather..... so fun.

If you can't tell... the weather makes a HUGE difference in my attitude. Wandering around outside when it's beautiful makes me want to skip instead of walk and sing from the rooftops. For reals. If it's too hot, I turn into a pumpkin.

I think that gets us about up to speed... for now. Going into Sophia's last week of school!!! I never knew I'd be so excited. I'm just ready for a few days of pajamas and then lots of swimming, frozen yogurt, and whatever the heck we want.


Issa said...

Oh my goodness, how did you do it so quickly!!! You look amazing. So jealous. And even your iphone pics are gorgeous, you are sooooooo talented.

Ashley said...

I've never met you, and just by chance stumbled onto your blog one day, but I just LOVE reading your blogs and getting to know your amazing and beautiful family! Some days just checking in and reading a new post is the highlight of my day. I've even showed a couple friends your page because your family is too sweet to keep all to myself! :)


Lillie said...

I sure love nice comments. Thank you ladies!!!