Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Just felt like it should be recorded, since it's been a serious phase in our house

I think this hit is old news now. So I'll use the timing of our obsession with it, as proof that we weren't exactly ENCOURAGING our children to have a premature love for pop stars. But they have friends, (Kate) and their friends have siblings (Madi) who also have friends (Mary) who thwart our attempts at keeping them singing only primary and princess songs. Thanks a lot girls.

And so we've conceded, and maybe even let them watch the video on youtube here and there. (What a cute kid? I had no idea.) And after hearing them singing it so many times, I thought I should record it before they've moved on. I just love hearing the words they come up with sometimes. They think I'm full of it when I try and correct them, "it's, 'are we just FRIENDS', not 'DENDS.' " They'll have no part. Psshht. "No MOM! Sophia said it's "dends."

Here, I caught Mila in the car (yes I'm driving but I could see the reflection of my camera in the review mirror so once I got it in the right spot ... I was all eyes on the road. Swear.


Lauren said...

Seriously so cute. What a darling little girl! Way to capture that, Lillie!

Lacy said...

Thanks Lillie! I can't wait to show Millie and Joseph!