Thursday, June 16, 2011

My dinner-group meal this week

We do a lot of easy meals with ground turkey. Costco sells this kind and we love it. Not too turkey-y, not too fatty. Not too pricey--- at Costco at least.

Anyway... this is a staple of ours. I have a thing for a small burger. Or should I say multiple small burgers. There's nothing that bothers me more than when you get a HUGE potato bun or something at a BBQ, but their patties have shrunk up so they leave like a half inch ring of meatless bun around the edge. No thanks. Somehow if I make my patties the size I feel like they should be, they always seem to fit much better on a little bun. Even when you think they're too big for the little bun. Even better. My favorite bun is some kind of little kaiser roll, toasted. Even better if they're a dollar in the day-old section like these. Once toasted, good as new.

I've never tried a real recipe for burgers... and I'm sure I always break all the rules. Since really I just shape 'em and sprinkle them with a bunch of whatever. But since this was dinner group, I tried to put more thought into it and while I still have no idea how much of anything I put, here's what I put.

- A bunch of ground turkey thawed and dumped in a bowl
- Many splashes of worcestershire. Holy cow, I just made Ross peek in the fridge to spell that right. That is wild. A whole syllable longer than I thought. Again--- many splashes.
- A bunch of coarse salt.
- A bunch of garlic salt.
- A handful of chopped fresh parsley.
- One egg white (I've found my turkey patties to be pretty fragile and didn't want them too fragile for dinner group. I think it helped.

Stir it all together and form little patties. Grill on grill-pan or BBQ for just a few minutes per side.

I could grab almost every veggie in the produce section and pile it on top if someone chopped it for me. I LOVE toppings. This is what we did this time:

-grilled onions
-raw red onions
-fresh jalapeno
- tomatoes
- turkey bacon
-cheddar cheese

P.S. Since Monday, we've stayed up too late and slept in too long (well maybe just me) and certainly formed some new tan lines. Summer's feeling SO good so far.

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S.A.S. said...

Get ready for a copy cat! This sounds delicious and I pine for you to share every dinner group recipe for more ideas. We're still going strong and I think of you every week when I'm preparing my food. So glad you're living the high summer life. Love & miss you. xo