Monday, June 20, 2011

Camping... Without CAMPing

This last Friday, we went up to Hurkey Creek, which is up near Idyllwild, in the mountains. Just over an hour away, it's elevated enough that it's SO much cooler and gorgeous and green. We went with a bunch of friends slash Ross's business partners. The guys went mountain-biking for an hour or so while we hung back and watched the kids play. (I'm not gonna lie, I may have made a couple of comments beforehand going something like "so I get to watch the kids in dirt and red ants while you go mountain biking?hmmm") Should I not admit that? Makes me sound like such a perfect wife right?

But nobody got bitten, and my kids were in heaven, even if they did have dirty faces and fingernails, and there's just something soul-warming about a campfire, tinfoil dinners, s'mores, hoodies, and good friends.

Beforehand, everyone debated sleeping over-- and then decided to just make it a day trip.... I think we all regretted it a little. I'd written it off because of Finn, but once we were there I kept thinking we should have just gone for it-- that it would have felt so good to wake up buried in this beautiful landscape.

But then we pulled into our driveway with three sleeping kids-- tucked them in their beds, and rinsed the campfire off of our skin, and got to snuggle into our own pillows...



ffprncez said...

looks like a fun time was had by all!

Brandon or Michelle said...

is it just me, or do they (almost) all have matchy matchy bikes? DORKS! :)

just kidding. my husband is totally jealous. mountain biking = bliss

good for you for going along, and hooray for still sleeping in your own beds! I love camping until it's 2 am and I'm actually camping. then, yuck. :)

TnD said...

I love Finn sucking that thumb. And the girls blissing out on girl time. Thanks for posting.