Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What I'm working on right now:

I had my first post-Finn-shoot last week. I was an idiot... we couldn't make it work on a Saturday, so we shot for a Tuesday morning. The girls were at school... I had 2 and a half hours, and Finn would sleep-- he always sleeps... of course he'd sleep.

I'd be shaking my head if I were you too. She knew I'd have my baby, and she knew I had a timeline, but she probably figured I knew I could get it done in that time.... Since I told her I could. But Finn was awake and she lived farther than I thought and when all was said and done, I was racing out the door with my arms loaded with all of my gear, and baby poop on my shirt, running 20 minutes late for kinder pick up.

I felt, very literally, spread too thin. Like a skimpy layer of honey on a peanut butter sandwich so you're not even sure it's there. Especially when you've got natural peanut butter (doesn't have to do with analogy.) I felt like a bad photographer, and a bad mom. Throwing my hungry newborn in the car who'd just been calmed for the past 2 hours by a sweet stranger to pick up my 5 year old who'd been waiting in the office like a trouble-maker because of her ever-delayed mom.


Lesson learned. I thought I was ready... but perhaps for Saturdays only-- when I've got Ross to take care of EVERYTHING else.

Did I mention he's home? What would I do without him? I think single-moms deserve awards. The kind that are recognized by the president or something.


Lindsay Griffeth said...

Absolutely agree about the single mom award. I'm a single mom today and would have given anything for Wes to walk through the door!

Jennifer said...

I totally know what you mean. I have had to limit how much I've been working. It's amazing what a demand there is for pictures... but I want to be a mom first. (I'm quitting my teaching job BTW. I love the honey analogy... that is me right now!) I'm always amazed at the light you get in your shots!

Brandon or Michelle said...

this is what I love about you lady. you could have just left it at "what I'm working on right now" and the picture, and we all would have wondered HOW YOU DO IT ALL so beautifully. but then you give us the REALITY paragraph and we sigh in understanding and still wonder how you do it all so beautifully. Way to know your limits, and not be afraid of them. I could learn a thing or two from you.

Mom said...

I was just chatting with some moms of 6 yesterday...and the pb&j analogy came up, even before I read yours...I guess we're all feeling it:). My mom keeps telling me, "it takes a village to raise a child"...where exactly is the village? I probably need to move there. And Ryon Sr. is on a health spurt, too. He's lighter than he's been in his life, and most of it is muscle! He looks like he's 25!...younger than he looked when he was 25. Such a family trait, you guys just stop aging at some point...I hope my kids inherit that!