Monday, February 14, 2011


So I've been so caught up in all of the MANY things I need to help Sophia learn this year in kinder (that's a post for another day because, can I confess that I am already totally overwhelmed with the words she should be able to read etc..ahh!) anyway... been so caught up in her, that sometimes I forget that I should be working with Mila on her letters and sounds too. I forget what she's capable of. So her preschool teacher had told me one day that she wrote her name at preschool. Which made me realize... uhhh--- maybe I should be working on that eh? Her own name? Never seen her do that... What kind of mom am I?

So I've made a little more effort here and there, but all I'd seen her do was her "two mountains" or her M. Then all of a sudden, the other day, while we were working on it together, she banged out her whole name, and now she hasn't stopped!

I know it seems really small--- but I had NO idea she could write the other three letters, so to see her write it so perfectly over and over and OVER again---- well needless to say, we've got new artwork covering our fridge.

Thank you Teacher Robyn!

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Brandon or Michelle said...

These second children of ours. Annie's totally writing as well, on her own, no help or thought from me (and I don't even have a brand new baby as an excuse). Of course, I was all proud because she can even just do 'A'. Mila has set the bar high, I tell you what.

is there another place I can go and look at thousands of pictures of your newborn? I don't QUITE feel like you've given us enough of them, lady. :)