Thursday, February 03, 2011

Some pictures from Thanksgiving. 2010. Why not?

I'm working on my blurb book. (Which I think is as fun as having to call Dell back when my lap top would break and talk to somebody in India while they made sure in many many minutes that I knew how to plug a chord into an outlet.)

Super duper fun--- in other words. If that comparison was too hard to follow.

Anyway--- desperately trying to get our memories and family events down in print has made me realize that my blog has evolved a bit. And I seem to be forgetting... or skipping more of our normal family things. So I decided that although I'm seriously late, I'm still squeezing in Thanksgiving. You wouldn't know it was Thanksgiving. No yummy-food pics or anything... luckily darling cousin-pics are more important in the long run.

These four were so cute together. Sophia is such a little leader and somehow became the toy everyone was fighting over.... (lots of tears out of whoever couldn't sit by Sophia... she only has two sides, three people... reoccurring problem.)

My sister in law, Brooke, had her third baby boy exactly two months before me, so I snapped a few of him and his big brothers....
Crazy baby eyes. I love 'em.

And while I'm catching up... on Biesinger family time... here's the one measly time I pulled out my camera while Nana and Grandpa B were here to meet Finn and keep my house running while I figured out life with three kids. What would we do without grandparents?

Pretty sneaky how you weasled out of that second one, Nana. :)


kerwin said...

I wanted to introduce myself in the event you have a site meter or something and keep seeing random visits from St. Louis. I stumbled across your blog using the "next blog" feature and I absolutely love it. Your pictures are amazing and your family is beautiful. We are expecting our first baby (it's a girl!) in May and love all the new baby talk. My blog is, just in case you want to make sure I am not a lunatic. Have a great weekend!

Brandon or Michelle said...

these are breathtaking. glad you posted them, don't care a bit that it's february.