Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Sunday


- Our new church building was finished in January and we now have a 10 minute drive instead of 20. Doesn't sound that different, but it is SO different.
- The new year (and building) brought a new start time of 11am vs the old 1pm. SO much better.
- While Young Men's president is time consuming, Ross has fewer meetings than he had as Exec. Sec., and all in all, it seems we have SO much more time together as a family on Sundays.
- For all the complaining I do about our weather in the summer, I should be raving now. It is dreamy outside. 60's or 70's--- blue, sunny skies, snow capped mountains surrounding us. Really lovely.

So yesterday we soaked it up. We had a nachos-apples-blueberry picnic in the backyard, after which Ross catapulted the girls from under the trampoline for a while (holding Finn as you can see.... I was cleaning up). Then took a neighborhood walk... and finished it up with "watching a movie all together as a family!!" as Sophia begs for ALL the time.

I know there might come a day where they don't think squishing together as closely as possible under a blanket is the best thing in the whole wide world. But I don't plan on that happening any time soon.


Sarie said...

Your family is fantastically beautiful. Lillie, you are gorgeous.

Ainsley said...

lillie, i just got Finn's baby announcement in the mail! oh my gosh... words can't describe how beautiful it turned out. seriously amazing. plus, its like Cailin's new favorite, she loves babies and she loves books.

The Hepworths said...

Lillie, I was reading this post thinking Lillie is so beautiful... then I went to tell you in the comments and see that everyone else thinks so too! Really, you look great in those photos, and your girls...they are so happy and pretty. I want to see you ALL in REAL life:)

Mom said...

Your brother is so much your dad...if you can only imagine the best things your dad ever said about the things you did...and the things he thought you did...Ryon said something to the effect of, "it's like an invitation to Time Square, introducing the new...". He sees your talent and says it in such a Randy way! Your brother is a big fan of yours...he's not a blog stocker, or even looker, but Savanah keeps him updated. But he was head over heals over your birth announcement! Great job, Lil! And this blog post really captures all the years when we were having baby after baby and Ryon would hold a new born and wrestle with all our other children at the same's so great for their brain delevopment! More genius grandchildren on the way! Love you! You're doing an amazing job Momma! (This is Jeanette)