Friday, February 18, 2011

It's that time of year!

"Wait-- don't take it yet, I've got dust in my eye." This is what happens when he's leaving us for a bit. Can you see the moisture? Sorry to spill the beans Ross. But I got it on camera.

I normally wouldn't announce it in real time, but my parents are here to play with me and the kids this weekend (coincidentally! hooray-) while Ross is on his annual mancation in Utah. Although he just texted me and said they should change the name to wuss-cation... cause they're all getting old.

I told him I'd make official t-shirts.

So, Kirk took the girls to the zoo today while I snuggled Finn, checked off my to-do list, and tried to get over the fact that a bunch of people talked trash about me yesterday because of this whole poster snafu. That is no fun. Geez louise. Thank goodness it's a new day.


Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

Sorry hun, hope you have a super weekend and next week is the HAPPIEST yet!

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for a while. I find your posts optimistic and really appreciate how humble you are. I think the whole thing yesterday was unneccesary and could have been easily resolved with a private email. Have yet to understand why it wasn't handled that way first and foremost. Hmmmmm? True intentions?
As for talking trash about you it wasn't that many people. Although it probably seemed like a thousand.
Lot's of life lessons off this one (not just copyright although I question that whole angle), don't make them cynical......make them optimistic.

Katie Evans Photography said...

You don't know me but I check in on your blog every so often...I love your sweet upbeat bright and airy blog. I can tell that you are truly kind, honest and loving. I can't imagine you would ever knowingly do anything that would bring another harm. That's just not you. Try not to let others get you down. This will all fade away soon enough... :)

Fried Pink Tomato said...

I think the nursery is AMAZING!! You have a fantastic eye and great style. I also LOVE your photography. I think it is really sad that people resort to talking trash for something as silly as a poster. She did not come up with the slogan "Good Morning Sunshine." So it a way she ripped that slogan off from someone else. Keep up the wonderful blog and don't worry about what other people have to say! :)

Brandon or Michelle said...

"wuss-cation" made me totally laugh out loud.

when are you planning one for yourself in g-ville? can I come too?

Los viajes de Lucas said...

I found your blog last week... and i had become a real fan of it!!!!
great pictures, i love them!!!!

Life at the White House said...

Hi there!

Quick, random question... when I first found your blog I think I read the whole thing from beginning to end [I couldn't help it!] and saw an adorable video that you guys had made when you were pregnant with your first I believe. I wanted to share it with my sister-in-law, but can't seem to find it again this morning. Would you mind telling me what category it's under so I can send her a link?

It was just precious. I honestly cried and made my husband watch it with me!

You guys are adorable and you make mommyhood look SOOOOOO unbelievably fun!

Thanks in advance,