Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Finn at One Month

We took him to the doctor yesterday for his one month appointment. He was 13 pounds and 22 inches long. That puts him in the 96th percentile for weight and the 58th percentile for height.

That made us laugh. A little short and chubby for now. I'm sure it's a phase. :) Like mine.

I've officially plateaued. I can't believe I'm recording this, but I always appreciate the specifics in my old posts for comparing pregnancies. And if I don't write something here, it's lost forever. I gained a whopping 50 this time. Maybe like 46 officially, but pretty much 50 since I probably put on 4 or 5 as I "prepared myself mentally to GET pregnant".

SO--- I lost 25 in those first couple of weeks. And now I've gotten on the scale a few times in the last 2 weeks at the gym, and each time... it's the same. It's official. I'm on the very flat top of the highest mountain. I think it's time to switch to skinny cows. :(

Back to Finn.... hmmm.... at one month:

-He's still sleeping in the bassinet in our room. I think the girls were out by now, don't know why we're not as anxious. Maybe because our room is bigger in this house? It just seems so much easier to nurse him in my own bed at night.

-He sleeps pretty good, I wake him up and feed him at like 10 or 10:30 before I go to bed, then he wakes up once around 4am to eat. The girls come in a little after 6 which is the worst part for me.. I think I hate the morning FAR more than the middle of the night.... at least at night, you still have hopes for more of that delicious sleep. But at least he keeps sleeping 'till 8 or so. And the girls are pretty self-sufficient with netflix on our iphones. :)

- Just like my girls, during the day, he eats about every 4 hours. I've never really had to feel that totally overwhelmed-- nursing-all-day-long feeling. He's done in about ten minutes, and clearly (if you saw his thighs you'd know) it's doing it's job.

- He's sweet and easy through the day. But he is getting a little needier in those FEW hours a day when he's not sleeping or nursing. And I feel this confused mushy brain in my head think--- what do I do with you if your not sleeping or eating? Just HOLD you? I want nothing more.... but that means my arms can't do anything else--- not really realistic right now. Hmm.... luckily those stretches are rare. Maybe it's time I learn about those wild new baby slings everyones wrapping from their head to toe.

- Taking him places is still a piece of cake. He just stays cozy and sleepy in his car seat the whole time. We did church for the first time last week and he would have stayed snuggled in there the whole time, but I didn't want his schedule too off, (and we have a brand new building with a clean and peaceful nursing lounge and I had a dark-chocolate strawberry zone bar in my purse :)) SO......... we snuck off and we both ate.

- He's got horrible baby acne right now. Poor guy.

- Everyone seems to think he looks like Mila. Some say Sophia. People rarely say Ross which they ALWAYS said with the girls. (Figures, now that we have a boy.) I hear ME a little bit. I'll have to do a comparison post some time soon.

- This doesn't really fit in the bullets, but it's funny. Sophia the other day told me "maybe you have ba-sheens in there" what? "ba-sheens in those... (pointing at... well you know) that make the milk." ---- oh-- machines. maybe.

- We are all still obsessed. I half-way feared it would wear off with the girls... but it certainly hasn't. They are SO excited to see him every time they come home from school-- and so anxious to help. They ADORE him and it is so darling and genuine.

- I still wish I could spend the whole day with my nose tucked in that place between his jaw and his collar bone.


Brandon or Michelle said...

deep sigh. it's all beautiful. even the plateauing and baby ache. you are taking it in stride. I am in love with you. (and don't worry ross, this IS michelle, not brandon.)

gorgeous pictures! usually you're the one behind the camera, and yet there you are and they are still so fantastic!

(in other words, keep hanging in there, lady. you've got a hundred admirers. and that's an understatement.)

Lindsay Griffeth said...

oh, Lillie. What an absolutely adorable dude you have.

- a 10 minute feeding every four hours? Oh, I'm jealous.

- You look FABULOUS. And don't worry, I gained 55 with Nate. :)

I'm really trying for Wes to have a DAY trip to Palm Springs so I can leave my kids behind and just pop in to visit you. One day it WILL happen!

Eve said...

So you have done this one more time than me, so feel free to ignore me. But I do have a different experience from you, in that I am lazy after having babies. So I know from my own experience, it is totally normal to temporarily plateau at exactly your stage. I noticed that I plateaued for about a month from 4-8 weeks postpartum. And then it naturally starts coming off again. I think your body is probably just figuring out what to do to keep that big baby beautiful baby boy nourished without starving you. ;)

You two make a gorgeous pair. Congratulations!

Rachelle said...

You look BEAUTIFUL! Still radiant and glowy! I can't wait to come meet your sweet little guy, but we can't seem to shake this gunk that's been going around. Hopefully I'll be able to really soon though!
I'm really going through withdrawls from you guys and wish we could plan a girls trip sometime soon. Probably not in the cards right away, but sometime. I can't wait!
Love and miss you!

koko bean..... said...

Lillie I can't believe he is one month already, time sure flys!! He is so darling. Hey about his baby acne I had a doctor tell me to use Delseum Blue(sp?) it a dandruff shampoo. She told me to use in on their head I think it was once a week, be careful not to get it in his eyes. You will be amazed how fast it clears it up. I believe you can use it more than once a week too.. Good luck and have a wonderful time with your little guy and sweet girls!! HUM by the way you still look great!

maines said...

Mmmmm....yes...that place that smells like sour milk. Love that.... ;)

Erin Marriott said...

I have been meaning to leave you a comment for quite some time now!! Oh, Lillie, congratulations!! Everytime I'm on your blog, I'm either nursing, and then I try to leave a comment, (you would think after 3 kids I'd be able to do anything nursing, lol.) But just know I've been checking your blog! Finn is just adorable, edible, and all the above. Oh my goodness, I just want to squeeze those cheeks! He is just adorable! How fun to have baby boys the same time! Isn't it soooo different than the girls?? But kind of the same too, it's weird. And you look great, by the way!! I was cracking up at your post about you at the gym...same thing happened to me at the car dealership the other day. He asked when I was due. Except I had my baby almost 4 mos. ago. So that should make you feel better :) you look great. And my favorite is the neck too. Stinky, fresh, I'll kiss their necks anytime. Oh, hugs!! I love you!! I am seriously so happy for you!!! And love the nursery!

Tess Smith said...

i'm guessing my 3 month old doesn't even weigh 13 lbs!

hi i'm tess... i started following your photography blog somehow, somewhere and it lead me here. i figured another mom with 3 kids.

Tiffany said...

Hmmm..he's so Mila to me! Love, love, love the pics of YOU and Finn. priceless.