Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Winter in the Desert

The news said today's high was 68. My car this morning, said it was 78. I think it was wrong... but either way, I saw a dad walking his son in a stroller, both with beanies and hoods. Kids flooded into preschool wearing JEANS... like all the way to their ankles. (Except my daughter, of course, whose mother put her in a mini jean-skirt in spite of the weather report she saw on the news.) I went to Souplantation for lunch for a bon-voyage to a friend and ate enough to pack a little extra warmth on for the winter. And I can practically hear pots of homemade soup being made for dinner all across the valley....

It's here. Well at least 'till Saturday. When the weather guy said it'd be 89.

ps. the winds were so bad yesterday, I had to cancel my shoot with this cute little family that's been trying to book it for months. She texted me later to let me know three guys had been arrested like a BLOCK away from where we were going to meet, 30 minutes after we were meeting there, for firing rifles and handguns. Freaky right?


moliver said...

Seriously, we get below 70 and people bust out the parkas and scarfs.
I sent my son to kindergarten today and let him wear shorts and a t-shirt (his choice). I later got a call from his teacher telling me to bring him a sweater. Oops! Really? Is it really cold enough for that? I guess the wind does cool things down a bit. I still felt like a rotten mom though.

TnD said...

Yep, I made soup tonight in honor of the chilly temps. Glad you were home yesterday and not being made a target practice.

Watts Family said...

Hey Lillie! So, has anyone ever told you how photogenic you are? Well, you are... You are such a talented photographer and it has been fun to watch your talent blossom. I miss you guys. Are you coming up to Utah any time soon?

Have you seen Ashley's 'Simply SmASHing' style blog yet? It's really fun to look at. She took classes at the design institute while she lived in NY. I am sooooo jealous.

Anyways.. I think you are beautiful!