Monday, October 05, 2009

A teensie bit of potty-talk catch-up.

Sometimes when I have a funny thought I want to remember etc... I put it in my phone and mean to pull it out later. Then I forget, and it gets lost in the sea of grocery and to-do lists I make on my phone. So the other day, I was looking for something, and found a memo entitled "Sophia". When I opened it up, all I had down was this:

Sophia- washing hands in bath tub.

"I'm just washing my hands."
"why? Are they dirty?"
"yeah because I was just touching my bottom but I'm sorry because I thought there was pooh pooh coming out but there wasn't. I'm sorry."

You could argue that this isn't blog worthy. I disagree. Maybe it's because I can hear her intonation in my head. But it makes me laugh every time I re-read it. Thank goodness for technology. I have enough garbage in my purse. I don't have room for sticky-note-memories.

I used to sit down to the computer and start writing... when I was done, I hit publish. Honestly. I didn't even realize there was a spellcheck for the longest time. I didn't ever think of the events I hadn't blogged yet or the backlogged thoughts and stories in my mind. It was like therapy for me to write my thoughts... often daily. And when you write that often, you know you've got it all covered. Where has all my free time gone? I like having all of those random thoughts recorded. Even if they make me want bury my head in the sand in embarrassment later (like my old journals do now.) But I can't seem to get around to it these days. And it's just SO much harder to play catch up on all the little things.

Pooh-pooh story? Check.

One down. Lots to go.

Oooh.. one more... Sophia and Mia's Pump-it-up birthday party... yeah the one I mentioned in a post like a week + ago, --- well a few photos at least: check.

So I think I've got a new goal. Back to my blogging roots. I'm going to write a little... every--- well maybe not every day, maybe every couple of days. Well maybe a few times a week anyway. Forget it, I don't really like commitment. But I'm just warning you... it's a possibility. Maybe.

Oooh-- there's a new baby on the block. I mean blog. Check him out.


Brandon or Michelle said...

hey lady.. nice to see you again. just know that when you're not blogging, i know that it's because you're actually LIVING, and will have a great story to tell about it later. like these cupcakes, for instance. YUM. :)

Rachelle said...

I miss seeing that little girly so often! She really is one of the sweetest little people I know! I always look forward to reading your posts so keep em up, as you can. I definitely understand getting busy. PS- Don't you think those Thumbelina dolls are soooo cute! I loved them and couldn't pass them by.
Call me!

Kodi said...

Thanks for posting this! Now I can direct my family members to your blog for pics of the party (since mine is deperately in need of updating . . .again). Thanks for documenting the event! :) Fun!

Jennifer said...

I love these pictures! So bright and colorful! What a fun party that was. Thanks for the inspiration to document the cute things kids say... I am embarrassed to admit that I never remember to even write it down...

Lindsay Griffeth said...

I love the potty talk.

Great photos of the party. Looks like she had a great day!

Heidi McMillan said...

What a fun party!! The girls are darling as always.