Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Update in the Biesinger home:

- Two sick girls starting last week. I didn't think it was bad, just a cough---- but I HAVE to assume they were feeling pretty crappy because they were both MONSTERS. Seriously, like possessed. Two seconds together and they were brawling. Mila would break in to fits at the most random and unprovoked moments. I was beginning to forget they could ever be sweet, until Sophia came home from school yesterday--- instead of her evil twin. All of the little things were easier, she would laugh at my jokes again, instead of screaming at me that she was "not a dude, she was Sophia! Or a PRINCESS!". She would form actual words with her mouth like a four year old when she needed help, instead of groaning and squealing and pointing like some kind of animal that makes you want to pull out all of your hair. She was back to her usual declarations of love "mommy, I love you--- mommy, I'll always love you--- but mommy, sometimes I DON'T love you"... all was right in the world. (that's right, she gives me that three-part monologue several times a day in her sweetest voice.)

- I didn't want to focus too long on them being awful last week, so I went for bullets. That was a long bullet wasn't it?

- I picked up the craziest, bright yellow, leather chair from the thrift store today. I can't decide if it's going to work in my house yet, but I think I'm in love anyway.

- Turns out a lot of people want pictures before the holidays :)--- guess I should have known that. I'm SOO grateful.... But I'm beginning to wonder when I'm going to find the time for anything else with all the photos I have to edit! Maybe I'll learn to be more efficient??

-We went as Medusa and Zeus to a grown-up Halloween party at Lizzie's this past weekend. Every year we wish we had a real excuse to dress up, and we finally had it! Unfortunately, I had a shoot right before, so I had to parade around as a photographer with a head of french braids and snakes. I wasn't so much embarrassed by the snakes, but trying to braid this shorter head of hair I'm sporting left me with some serious flat-head. Amazing what a little volume (or lack there of) can do for a profile. yikes.

-What's in style right now? I need help. Maybe an intervention. I'm pretty sure I spend 99.9 % of my life in work-out clothes or pajamas. NO exaggeration. If my shower comes before like 4:30 and I can't justify sweats, I'm at a complete loss. Help!

- I rented the amazing 50mm f/1.2 last week because I just couldn't decide if it could possibly be worth the extra $$$ compared to the 1.4. I'm not totally convinced. Anybody with a strong opinion???

- I skipped my 10 year reunion last week. I'm thinking most of the people I really wanted to see weren't going-- but I still think it's a little sad. There's just something about reconnecting with those people that knew you when you had caterpillars for eyebrows.

- Mila's been taking like 3 hour naps and sleeping in until 8:30+ .... besides last week, I'm in one of those phases where I constantly feel SO blessed. Really. So lucky to be home with my girls and calling the shots on what happens in my day. And being able to get away with a life of jammies and spandex. Life is really good.


kkmom said...

Cute post!
I too missed the reunion... just couldn't with just having our baby girl on the 24th and then already back at school.. can you say exhausted... I feel old! I am ready for bed at like 8! lol

Lizzie said...

I'm excited to see the yellow chair. I totally forgot you rented the 1.2 How is it that we talk everyday, but so much is still left out?? Hey if you get this comment call me. I'm afraid to call this early, in case you're sleeping. = )

missy said...

life of jammies and spandex. that line made me laugh. so fun to get the catch up of what you guys have been doing lillie.

i scoff at the idea of you not knowing what is in style. you always look PEOPLE magazine-ish.

missy said...

i meant that last line in a good way lillie - like you are on style watch or something:)