Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Holiday Sessions

(One from my most recent shoot--- Linc's birthday party!)
Just because most people I know check this blog and not my photo blog--- I interrupt what is supposed to be the stuff-other-than-photo blog with this message:
If you're still hoping to get a session in before the holidays, contact me soon! The dates are filling up fast and the holidays are suddenly seeming right around the corner. Our winter grass is growing in, there's a hint of chill in the morning (on the shady side of my house, which is unfortunatly the one with few windows), and I may have moved my bedside fan a few inches farther from my face. What a wonderful time of year!


Lindsay Griffeth said...

I was sooooo hoping to get to you before the holidays for photos but I'm not sure it's gonna happen! So how about just a drop in to say hi? :)

Maybe I'll be brave and venture your way for you to take little boy newborn photos in the spring!

Brandon or Michelle said...

hey pretty lady.

you're so busy! I seem busy too, but my busy-nesses don't produce such beautiful pictures! sigh. how wonderful. I hope you're having fun too.

life gets happier when it's bearable outside. is that why all you san diego-ans are such pleasant people?

wish we could be neighbors. the end. :)

Erin Marriott said...

Oh wow, I have not been on your blog in SO LONG!! I know. Bad. LOVED the Hawaii pictures...gorgeous! And you my friend look gorgeous!!! And how fun to be able to go with your great friends Shad and Lizzie?! Lizzie is such a doll, and isn't this her 3rd pregnancy? Is that weird that I know that? It's only from your blog, and I remembered that she is the one who has Tanner and I thought she had one more little boy...I feel like I know Lizzie, haha! Anyway, love you, miss you, love your blog, sorry I've been MIA, your kids are precious and beautiful and I loved the pooh pooh thing!!!! Oh and p.s. I'm so impressed with your photography business, and I'm so happy it's doing so well!!! You're amazing!

Kym said...

What a fun, fun party!!! Thanks for joining us!