Friday, October 23, 2009

Just another day.

The 85 mm doesn't really do it justice... but I was too lazy to put a wide angle on and get the whole room in the shot. But trust me, it was impressive. Tanner and Kate were over and all of the kids were "playing" so well in the toy room--
we soaked it up.
Sophia came out once to tell me they were coloring, but that they weren't done yet. "but don't come in yet, NOT yet, we're not done yet."

She wasn't going to MAKE me come admire? I could stay on my bottom looking at the west elm catalogue with Lizzie ... we soaked it up.

Once the novelty of their mystery fun wore off and the normal, occasional brawling began, we went to put out a fire and found the lovely sight above. An entire roll of butcher paper from the ikea easel, ripped up, and decorating the floor. The entire thing. I know it could have been way worse--- permanant, like the highlighter all over my couch cushions--- not complaining... just documenting... and sighing. Realizing... .what am I doing blogging about a pile of paper when I should be in bed?? It's 12:30 and Ross is passed out next to me on the couch. Every night at like 10:30 I think it's nearing time for bed, and then I blink my eyes and 2-3 hours has passed. what?


Brandon or Michelle said...

dude, at least you have a room where you can just CLOSE the door. come to my "house," and it looks like that from the front door to the back wall. NOT KIDDING. I tell brandon that's the price we pay for living in a cardboard box.

Lindsay Griffeth said...

oh, that picture makes me HAPPY. I'm not the only one!

moliver said...

Oh, we had a play room in our last house, I miss it so much. You are so lucky that the "tornado" hits in there and not all over your living room!
P.S. Your photography makes that mess look pretty.

missy said...

why do we not have a house tour of your home by now lillie? please?!