Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Nie Nie

Was I the last to know?

Just in case I wasn't. Nie Nie was on Oprah today, which means the re-run is on tonight at 11--- just in case someone checks this in the next 40 minutes. There's still a chance to DVR it. I was grateful for my 10pm call from Brooke.... thought I'd pass it on.

After an hour and a half wait for the locksmith, me and the girls got into our house a couple of hours ago to finally wash off the grime and exhaustion of our little spontaneous trip to DISNEYLAND! Lizzie called yesterday morning and said she'd booked a hotel for the night to do a two-dayer. I'm not the spontaneous type. I've just sort of come to terms with that. I'd say I'm easy-going, but not spontaneous. But we loaded up, went, slept in one room with our four kids... ate the greasiest, nastiest corn-dog of my life, but the most delicious sundae.... we had a ball. Every time I'm there I remember what it was like as a kid... how AMAZING it was as a kid, and what it must be like for mine. I just hope they're feeling half of that magic I remember. It makes the crowds and the blisters and the midnight growing-pain-scream-fests-in-a-tiny-crowded-hotel-room SOOOOO much more than worth it.

Here's a cell phone pic for proof.

Oh and don't ask me why I don't have a key to my house (I'm still blaming Ross and he's still blaming me) so that when Ross locks the garage door and leaves to San Diego while I'm gone to Disney, and I get home with filthy, tired, and hungry girls and no key in town, we're stuck on the streets. Ok maybe at Brooke's flawless home around the corner, but still----


Lowdogg said...

Who's Nie Nie?

Did you have your car keys at Disney? Isn't there a house key on them?

That pic makes the park look empty.

Lindsay Griffeth said...

A spontaneous trip to Disneyland? Sounds wonderful to me. And it looks like you had a great time!

Give Lizzie a key to keep at her house. That has saved me a few times! :)

Attic Gal Rachelle said...

Girl, take the opportunity to get out and be spontaneous while you still can. Once your kids are in school you are stuck!

Jennifer said...

Rachelle is so right! I was thinking, gosh why don't I do that?? Oh yeah, I have a 12:15 kindergarten pick up time... Kinda cuts the day in half :)