Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Today was a good day.

The day started with a call from Miss Shell letting us know preschool was cancelled since her son was sick.


I dread those calls. Those three mornings a week are good for all of us. :) So we regroup. And make our new plan for the day. Nothing special. But I ended up:

- getting to the gym for the first time since my neck fired up,
-getting Sophia down for a successful nap (during Mila's to boot) which is irregular these days,
-washing AND blow drying my hair,
-taking Sophia to a productive session of speech therapy,
-getting some killer deals on produce at Henry's,
-spending some quality time at Lizzie's in the afternoon,
-and after putting Mila down for bed tonight with her doggy and her baby and her two bears without a single peep but her sweet version of "ni-night"....
- I came downstairs to find Ross teaching Sophia the Robot to Rianna.

It's the little things, you know?


Stefani said...

You had a great day today! All those nice moments. I really enjoyed reading a few of your posts today. While packaging up some orders today I made a list of everything I did today and ran out of room on my paper. I realized that the 15 minutes I spent with the girls isn't nearly enough. But they were sweet minutes laying by them in their beds cuddling. That was nice. It's not so nice at 5am when those last few hours of sleep are so "important" while they sneek in and try to snuggle and kick. Mark's getting ready for seminary during this time... Then the girls get up and watch some TV. (don't get rid of yours might get an extra 30 min of sleep in the am!) So, thank you for sharing your fabulous day filled with wonderful moments with your girls. It brought a smile to my face. :)

Sarie said...

The little things are all there is.