Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My daughter Hop, or Pho, or Ohp, or Ppppph ... it depends

She has three of the letters in her name down. She knew "O" pretty well before preschool, TOTALLY learned H's one day at preschool and came home writing HoHoHoHoHoHo all over the house. It really did bring the spirit of Christmas a little early. And then one day while writing those two with me, and watching me write her whole name, she made a line with an "O" at the top for her "P". After I stopped cheering and clapping and fixing my skirt, post- cartwheel, she decided it was a good thing and hasn't stopped since. "I want to draw my name!" and then she covers the paper in H-O-and P (now she's starting to add in the I's occasionally but sometimes they're bottomless and so, more like a T), she really WANTS to do the "S", but that one must be really hard because she'll trace and trace and trace and then try her own, which results in a sort of squiggly line that lets loose in loops covering the entire page. It's amazing sometimes what they perceive. And there you have it. She won't stop. "My name, my name!" you could hear it from the neighbors house if you're ever there, she's so proud--- my little Pppppppho.
(I'm a little proud too, can you tell?)


brooke said...

Thats cute...and don't worry, we can't hear it. I do wonder sometimes though if you can hear me getting mad at Sawyer, or even louder would be him getting mad at me!

Megan said...

lol. You are so funny. I would of loved to of seen the cart wheel. Smile!!
I love it. Little Sophia is getting to be such a big girl writing her own name. That is so awesome and you should be proud!!
That is so awesome!!

Missy said...

I'm suddenly wanting to teach avery how to spell her name just so I can hear the "I SPELLED MY NAME" coming from around the house just like Sophia.

When are you coming to OC again Lillie? I just read Sarah's blog and suddenly I'm totally missing all of you.

Lacy said...

Very impressive. She must be advanced! Child development really is amazing! Great job Sophia!

Lindsay Griffeth said...

How exciting when they learn new things! I love it.

Good job, Sophia!