Wednesday, November 26, 2008

In honor of MA-bay-bee turning one: a few flashes back

PS DSC_0322

Here's my big almost-toddler. Now let's go back...

Woah mama. THAT of course, is where her little life started. Somehow at the end of pregnancy, (in my experience) you're so used to being so large and in charge... I didn't actually mind having a picture taken, felt quite glowy actually.... it must be the Lord's way of helping us cope with so much "junk" if you know what I mean. (if you don't know what I mean, I'm referring to the in-the-trunk kind of junk, not like hardships or anything....ya follow?) Because now when I revisit that time.... well for my happy little cherub, I'm so grateful to have been through it... but oh SO happy to be past it... for now.
Yup-- that's her, with all that black hair. Crazy huh--

days old...

1 month.

Six months.

And a year. It went by about as fast as this made it look. Seriously, where does the time go? I'm afraid to blink....

PS DSC_0327

PS DSC_0500


I already did my little one-year-bit on Mila. But today, I'm just scared at how fast it's all going and really thankful for this sweet babe. She is a jolly little girl (which is SO not showcased in these pictures... I just scrolled back through and noticed the lack of big 5-toothed smiles, but just trust me) I'd be lost without her scrunchy happy-face and her hearty belly laugh and especially? especially.... that thing she does while nursing where she grunts and points at my pony-tail until I let it out, so she can gently stroke my hair while she drifts off ... She is my tactile, little snuggle-bug and we are all IN love. We needed her in our family.


Lowdogg said... that a cinnamon roll?

Lindsay Griffeth said...

LOVE.LOVE.LOVE the recent pictures of you and Mila and Ross and Mila. You're soooo good!

And she's so cute and big. I'm serious this time. We're coming in January.

The Fam! said...

Lillie! Awwww! I cannot believe how much your family has grown. What adorable kids! We miss you guys. I'm really ready for a trip back to the desert. It's been about 3 years. Time flies. Your photos are beautiful. I am praying for a new cam so my pics aren't always blurry and dumb. Best wishes!!!
Heather Johnson

Sarie said...

What a sweet little story. And gorgeous photos of course. You're so chic, Lillie, who would have known, what with all the photos you're never in.

Mila is a doll and looks yummy for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

S.A.S. said...

The pictures! Oh, the pictures. She, and you, and the pictures are so beautiful. I can't believe that this little one, who rode around in your belly as we took in the Big Apple and the nation's capital, is a YEAR old. Is it possible? I love that she's your snuggler, and so calm and sweet... Happy Bday little Mila!

Maggie said...

I'm pretty sure you are mistaken Lillie. There is just no way it has been a year already!

She is so adorable!


Rachelle said...

Lillie Lou- As always, I looovvve your pictures. You look beautiful and Ross and Mila are adorable... Well Ross is a Babe, but adorable works too. Are those skinny jeans your wearing? So very cute and stylish! I, also, always enjoy everything that you write. You have a way of brightening my day with your simple, yet poignant words. Thanks for that!
Love you and miss you too.

Missy said...

Question. How do you get your hair to have that perfect wave? Please tell me Lillie.

And your sister in law is moving like two minutes from my house which means...we will be able to see each other so much more! Hooray.

Still can't believe it's been a year. That little muffin is adorable.

Anonymous said...

Yes, please tell us how you got the wave in your hair and how/who took the pics of you and Mila. She is so precious and one already!

Portia said...

Happy Birthday Mila! I can't believe a year has already passed, it seems like yesterday when she was sleeping in her carseat or snuggled up in your arms...she is just so sweet!

Lillie said...

Oh I forgot to answer one comment question... the wavy hair, Missy and anonymous: It's curled around the barrel of a skinny-ish curling iron without using the pinchy thing. So use your curling iron as if it were just a rod, don't open the crocodile mouth thing and pinch ANY hair-- just take sections and wrap in spiral around the rod, holding the end of your hair. I use a 1 inch or so for that really casual wave (lazy days-- it's the fastest way to do my hair now that it's shorter) a skinnier one (not much thicker than my thumb, for curlier...) TMI?