Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bailey Family Pictures

Another fun little learning experience* that took up a little computer time... which equals blogging time. My gorgeous friend Shea and fam.
*Emphasis on the "learning experience" since I learned I need tricks up my sleeve to keep a little one content to stay somewhere near his family and that 4 o'clock is NOT the perfect lighting, just not nearly enough light... equalling less than sharp photos. (So don't pop out uh-k?) To you photo-friends, what IS the perfect lighting when you live somewhere that NEVER gives you a cloud??? What's that magical time of day?


D-dawg said...

Lillie they look great! I've been doing pictures at either 3:30pm or 9am- both have been pretty good. It is hard to find the perfect lighting in the perfect setting! And babies are so hard too- they wiggle constantly!! It's so fun though huh?

Rebecca Smylie said...

lillie--you're so good at this! Good lighting--from such a non expert it's laughable that I"m even writing, is on a porch. Someplace that creates shade for you. I read that in a book once.

Lindsay Griffeth said...

Great pictures, Lillie! Can we come to visit you in January and I'll have you take my family photos? :)

I was maybe going to have family photos done this month and the photographer I was chatting with said first thing in the morning was the best light right now.