Sunday, September 23, 2007

Second Time's a Charm?

So yesterday was devoted to Sophia's big girl bed. Since I'd convinced Ross to let me buy the actual "bed", I promised I'd do my best to find a deal on a mattress. Somehow I thought a twin mattress and box spring would cost me like 100 bucks. Figured we'd get the most basic. Well it ends up $250 is much more accurate... and so started the search. I did every Google search imaginable for discount mattresses, checked Craigslist (for new mattresses... not interested in bed bugs), called the local furniture showrooms, and checked the newspaper to try and find the cheapest deal we could. I was convinced $250 was it until Ross found an ad in the paper for a little ghetto show room that sold us their last twin for $50 without box spring. The place was a little.... well.... dingy-- but the bed was in plastic so I felt alright. I mean plastic with holes all over it... practically impenetrable. :) No but really, the place wasn't that bad-- felt good about 50 dollar bed. But then there was the other problem. We only had half a bed. And after running ACROSS town, the two other places we'd found reasonable prices were out of twin box springs. What? I know. And the story doesn't end there.

So I turned back to Craigslist-- determined to finish the bed so she could sleep in it last night. I mean I'd waited long enough... this next baby is only getting closer. So for that, the box spring, I went used. Is that terrifying?? Found a good looking one on Craig’s, had Ross pick it up that afternoon for a whopping 25 bucks. I was a little nervous about the used thing but I figured a box spring... she'll never touch it, it's really no different than buying a used bed frame right? A piece of furniture that was in someone else’s house... but no body really touches a box spring or could pee on a box spring... right? Anyway, my purpose in all of these too many details was that after a day devoted to scouring the town for a mattress set, shopping for sheets and pillows, then assembling new bed with borrowed guard rail, and dressing it with the new bedding I've been so excited to pull out including brand new lavender sheets that Sophia and I were both very excited about... she jumped and jumped on it, climbed up and down on it, curled up to go to sleep on it. And then slept in her crib.

Perhaps I wasn't supposed to leave the crib up. But we ran out of time for projects before her bed time and it won't fit out the door without disassembly. So she ran to her NEW bed like normal (she's a good bed-timer) curled up on her tummy and waved me off "ni-night" I think it's a night time wave but it feels an awful lot like a "shoo mommy-- scat-- get outta here" kind of wave. So I thought all was well with the big girl bed. Stood outside door. Listened to her get down immediately and place hand on door knob. Opened door to mommy standing right there-- shut door quickly. I waited a few seconds-- "go back to bed Sophia" then her fingers slide under the door and she gracefully taps them on the floor for a minute before I open the door... "Back to bed Sophia" and she ran to her crib. "You want to sleep in your crib instead?"
"mm hhh"... with a nod. So she didn't use the new bed. Sigh.

So this was meant to be a quick post (but Ross is at Priesthood Session for church so I've got too much time to ramble) -- my point was this. Tonight-- got in new cute sleigh bed, "ni-night with the "shoo" backhanded wave-- started just like last night. Wasn't really planning on pushing it but she went to the new bed first so I went for it. Waited at door. Nothing. And even as I started this post I thought maybe there was a chance she'd come out... but nothing! So at least for tonight: it's official. Sophia is in her big-girl bed. We'll see what the morning's like. I haven't entertained the thought yet that I could theoretically see her before morning since she's no longer encaged. Hmmm. Maybe a follow up post. But I'm very excited. One transition down. Well that's probably a bit overconfident. One transition started.


LAUREN said...

Congrats on the transition. It is definitely a hard, interesting one. Grace did ok, but ONLY when we established a bedtime routine and stuck to it. To this day, if we "forget" something, she doesn't like her bed. I can't wait for pictures! I bed Sophia's room is SO CUTE! As far as the mattress thing, I would be fine with a used box spring. You're a great Mom, Lillie.

Lowdogg said...

Funny story. I was laughing when you said you'd left the crib up, but that may have helped in the end. Joseph didn't have a choice because his crib became his bed.

S.A.S. said...

I never thought about the fact that a child is behind bars and then suddenly free. Hmm... that would prove a challenge. Please take pics of the new lavender sheets soon... I want to see big girl Sophia's bed (and her DC night shirt).

Lindsay & Weston said...

I love your "long" posts where you give us all the details! Glad she is doing so well with her new bed!

Paulo and Melody said...

That post made me so baby hungry! And yes, there is carne asada fries everywhere in San Diego, I think it's a southern california thing, cause I've had them in L.A. before. Now, I'm craving carne asada fries! But the calories don't count only if consumed in the wee hours of the night. :)

Rebecca said...

Of course I want to know id she stayed. And know that you'll be on my "I need to talk to an experienced mom" list. The short list.

Brandon or Michelle. said...

okay, after my first REAL morning of potty training with zaneman (aka sitting him down every 15-20 minutes ALL you know how many tries that is?) I am VERY VERY jealous that it seems like this transition might be a "successful without problem" one....sigh. Please don't start potty training until zane's done, I'll feel too bad.

(by the way, successful potty count for zane? 0 for mom? I'm up over 10 now I think. is he really HOLDING IT this long!?)

in other words, congrats. :)

Laci and the Girls said...

Thinking about completely accomplishing all the "transitions" with a baby really causes anxiety. It's sooooo great when you can say even just ONE is done!! I can say that I've really enjoyed most of the transitioning with my's rewarding for both of us when it happens. Now, I'm fighting back tears realizing that #4 is DONE with all of it.....too fast for me. You're doing great!! Ya, don't see a problem with the used box spring. Too funny!! :)