Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Across the Country

So I thought I might do everyone a favor and find a way to do just one East-Coast post instead of my normal week-long play-by-play. But I decided against it. It's too much pressure to find my favorite pictures and be in the mood to write about two entirely different and fabulous cities. I'm compromising ... and my goal is two posts: one for DC, one for NYC. Here, of course, is DC... beginning with one of my favorite visual memories of the trip, the Washington Monument. Such a simple structure I thought, but really pretty magnificent in person. It feels like you can see it from anywhere in the city, memorializing a man who led the country to independence, and then became its first President.

This guy with the dreads hollered emphatically in front of the Capitol, sharing his political views with his intent audience of one... or maybe that guy was just taking a picture of the Capitol. Freedom of Speech at it's best. :)

Thursday we did a tour of the Capitol and visited the museum of Natural History enjoying all of the sights up and down "the mall" as we walked. Here we are inside the Capitol. Just like the rest of the city, the Capitol was full of symbols, traditions, and reminders. I had no idea that it was painted so beautifully inside and adorned like a European cathedral.

Sarah outside the Capitol. Don't ask me how she walked around all day in those heels. I lost feeling from the knee down at about noon every day and I was wearing flats... and we didn't really leave the house until 11. Hmmm.... perhaps I'll blame the pregnancy...
In front of the Smithsonian. (Right Sarah?)

“In this temple, as in the hearts of the people for whom he saved the Union, the memory of Abraham Lincoln is enshrined forever.” My picture cut it off, but those are the words above his head. As an enduring symbol of Freedom, the Lincoln monument may have been the most inspiring.

A quote about the women during WWII at the WWII monument that hides gracefully between the Washington and Lincoln Memorials.

Sarah had worked so hard to schedule us a tour of the White House on Friday, my second and last day there. And as we waited for our guide to show, we watched a fire truck enter the grounds, a helicopter land on the lawn, an Emergency Response truck following a police car down the street... and we started to get nervous. After waiting for an hour, and watching Sarah sprint back to the car in wedges to feed the meter, we were informed that our tour was cancelled. Bummm-- er. So we just stole a few pictures through the gate and tried to convince ourselves that the retrieval and destruction of the explosive... or whatever crisis was transpiring, must be more important than our tour of the East Wing. Sigh.

That night we had just enough time for a little shopping in Georgetown (SO cute) before meeting some of Sarah's sweet friends for dinner at a yummy Italian place. It was so nice to see that my lovely Sarah had a life FULL of good friends to take care of her across the country.

A little before 11 that night, we got in the car to head to NYC. Yup. Arrived in Harlem at 3:15 in the morning trying desperately to look un-terrified as Sarah nonchalantly texts Rebecca from the street. But to my credit, really Sarah, could we be any more vulnerable, you with your phone out and your night-time squinty eyes, me, all fat with baby wearing a make-shift backpack out of my duffel with no long strap. One swift move and I'd be lying on the street with no chance of getting up to help you. Let's just count our blessings. :) Rebecca, does my fear of your neighborhood offend you? It's only a result of years of media-produced stereotypes... nothing personal.

The rest of NYC to come... along with lots of photos...


Paulo and Melody said...

YAY! I'm the first one to comment! You look so beautiful in all those pictures. And look at your jugs :) pregnant boobs work for you. Glad you had a good time and glad you got home safely.

LAUREN said...

Lillie, your trip to DC sounds so fabulous! You and Sarah look like you had a great time. You definitely look so good for being prego. Beautiful as always. Keep in touch. We are busy as we're moving to Arizona October 1st. Drop me an email or something.

Lacy said...

Wow- just like the movies. I loved the pictures and the things you wrote. And yes, you look so cute pregnant. Sarah, I think you look smaller than you were in college! Is that possible? I'm excited to see pictures of New York.

Vanilla Vice said...

Isn't it funny how everyone has the EXACT same pics of DC? But it's just your face instead your friends. I have all those pics, they just have my face. You look stunning preggers, btw.

S.A.S. said...

Yay! I've been checking your blog about.. 80 times a day so I could glimpse 'our' pics (of course you're the only one who took them on our trip, so camera inept am I these days). You really do look stunning - and now I know that it's not just the camera, as you so often try to claim. You were resoundingly tauted as the gorgeous pregnant girl by all out here.

Gosh this post makes me miss you even more than the hole you left in my bed. I still can't believe that many many months with child, you treked around town with a smile and soaked up SO many sights. I can't wait to post too (reminder, please please send disc of pics) and re-cap the bliss of having you on the East coast. It was a PERFECT weekend, bomb at the White House and all (can I say bomb even here?) - the weather, the city, the sights, My Lillie (as Paul calls you), the Smylies, the food, the oft-prevalent bathrooms and lucky parking... the talks, the familiarity, the hugs. Sigh, I love you Lil. Thank you SO much for coming. Next stop - East coast w/ Ross, Sophia and baby girl B.

ps - Lacy, you win the big prize for that comment. ha.

Becky Freestone said...

your trip out to dc makes me think i ought to make a visit. the pics are so great and bring back such memories of when i was out there for a short while. i love you and sarah together again. i am glad you were able to finally make the long journey out there. what a dedicated friend.

Brandon or Michelle. said...

breathtaking, all of it. Can I come too next time, and just pretend that me and Sarah are as close as you two are, so it won't be awkward? done. :)

thanks for including the sights in those gorgeous pictures. cool to think they are there for so many to experience, whenever we can get out there.

now are you onto the final "chill" time period with me? (aka no more dozens of trips here and there and everywhere).. I think we both have less than two months! babies babies here they come!

The rlmmmmcaress Family: said...

Great trip Lillie. Can't wait for NYC. I too have been checking daily for your trip. I guess with the upcoming activities everyone can figure out when you get back and when you should be posting. I love it-we really are stalkers. But stalkers that love you and would never do anything psycho.

missy said...

Such good photos. I love DC. Sure NY is an amazing city, but there is something about DC that I just love, love, love. So glad you enjoyed it and who better to venture/tour guide you around then Sarah S?

I'm ALL for a trip to Palm Springs with the warm winter weather, our cute baby girls, a baby shower for your #2, some late night ice cream (with milk) and your gorgeous bamboo blinds to keep the room dark. Are you serious? Because I'm already looking at my calendar.