Thursday, September 20, 2007

I heart NY

New York City. We arrived safe, sound, and ready to see the sights on Saturday!

First stop, thanks to Levi's pumpkin scone enthusiasm: Alice's Teacup, YUM! Isn't overexposure just sort of refreshing sometimes?? .... it's like you can see us... just enough. Pop out all you want-- no blemishes on these happy ghosts. :)

Rebecca joined us in the afternoon (HOORAY!) and we visited the beautiful library... I can't believe a library can feel like such a magical, timeless place. I mean I love libraries, but ours just doesn't give quite the same vibe. No doubt I'd be a full-on scholar if I had access to this library. :)

Sarah did you take this? Apparantly this a picture of mine and Rebecca's babies deep in conversation.

Does it really need any explanation?

We saw it! My first Broadway show in NYC, Les Miserables. Wow. This may have been my favorite couple of hours of the trip. Second of course to just plain old visiting time with these: two of the smartest, funniest, most wonderful girls I know.

On top of the Met... what a view of the skyline. We talked about the artwork inside, enjoyed eachother, people watching, and our enormous, chocolate, heavenly , frosted Crumbs cupcake (even though an old man scolded us for eating something so "bad for you"). My envy of his wirey old-man legs was not nearly enough to keep me away from that bit-o-heaven.

Lunch at a real New York Deli.... and Sarah looking lovely in the loveliest park I've ever seen. You may have heard of it....

And then there was Pinkberry. It's real. The obsession, the hysteria, the following .... I'm one of them. I mean just look at us, possessed by Pinkberry euphoria. The tangier than usual yogurt, the perfectly fresh fruit, and the strange but wonderful chewy little 'sweet rice cakes'. You can imagine the rock-bottom I hit at the bottom of that yogurt cup, knowing that this was our final New York treat. Thank goodness we had dinner and company with Rebecca and Levi in their ADORABLE apartment to lift my spirits before we left the city to head back to DC.

After a quick drive by (well somewhat near) the Statue of Liberty so I could get at least a little glimpse (I think it goes without saying that two days is NOT adequate to see ALL there is to see in NY) we headed back to DC and arrived at a very reasonable 1:30 am. Well done Sarah.

Highlights from the trip:

-Life long friends-- Felt it confirmed that it is possible-- or maybe even inevitable (in a wonderful way :))

-Being reminded that there's a lot to be said for symbolism and tradition... sometimes I lack a sentimental side.

-Receiving pictures via email of Ross and Sophia at the zoo for the first time and crying. happy tears? not sure. But very happy he was such a super-single-dad, and that he thought to send me pictures. Oh did I miss my babes.

-Witnessing the part of the country that illustrates that: regardless of all of the differing views, the contention, and even corruption in politics, there are so many people with righteous visions, hopes, and dreams that are working hard to make this country a better place. (I wish I could quote Sarah defending DC to Levi--they are two people far better with words than I--would have made for a good bullet, but I only remember her passion and point... another post Sarah?)

-Having so much of Sarah to myself to talk and talk and talk.

-Hearing Sophia say "mommy mommy mommy" on the phone. Tears.

-Knowing that once Sarah surrenders to sleep at whatever awful hour-- no amount of tossing and turning, yelping at the sciatic nerve pain, or prego potty breaks in the middle of the night could disturb this girl from sleep.

-Knowing I was safe in the car at 2 am when I fell asleep and put my life in Sarah's hands- especially since she made it her mission to protect me after realizing that a threat at the White House was not exhilarating, but terrifying to me as I have a two year old at home and think obsessively about who's going to raise her while Ross is at work if I've died in DC. Sigh. Thanks Sarah.

-Seeing Rebecca, who I'm convinced I was supposed to be bosom buddies with in college but missed my chance. Maybe you have room in your new "married friends" circle, Bex? What a girl. If you check her blog you'll want to be her friend too. Or you might never want to blog again because hers' is so dang clever. And their apartment... Harlem, newly renovated subsidized for middle income... yadayadayada... I think the point was, they wanted people like the Smylies there to clean up their city, so they bribed them with the cutest apartment in all of NY. Wood floors, new cabinets, CLEAN, perfect. LOVED staying there. THANKYOU Smylies.

-Hearing Ross tell me on the phone that Sophia made him take down the photo albums to look at all of my pictures. Tears.

-Loved the irony that the one place my sciatic hasn't acted up in the last few months was on the air mattress in Harlem.

-Loved Levi. What a great couple. Pretty sure I'm smarter after having talked to him.

-Dinner at Serafina before Les Mis with two girls that I'd just figured out usually share my weight and height. Three clean plates. I'm talking wiped down shiny with a piece of bread clean. That's when I knew I was in good company.

-Didn't love that Rebecca in her 24 week pregnant state could keep pace with Sarah the gazelle, as I lopped behind them like some gorilla, large, with child.

-Loved EVERY second of it. And at the end, loved every second that got me closer to my sweet husband and little girl. Man did I miss them.

Sarah, roomates, Rebecca, and Levi: Thank you for being the best hosts ever. Sarah- I'm keeping my "I miss you" pain in check with the thought that you WILL come out here soon. Plan it! And thank you for being so wonderful and creating the perfect East Coast excursion for me-- I really am missing you :(


The rlmmmmcaress Family: said...

You make me want to go. Even with the short amount of time you spent, I think you did a pretty good capturing the essence. Welcome back.

(By the way, Anthropologie at The Grove in LA is just a few doors down from the newest Pinkberry.)

LAUREN said...

Lillie, you have such a wonderful way with words. I find myself smiling, laughing, and wanting to get to know you more when I read your posts. You seem like such a fun person to be around and I wish that I could be around you. I love your posts and your life just seems absolutely PERFECT. So glad that you had a wonderful vacation and so glad that you returned home to your precious Sophia and your hubby, Ross. I'm so excited to see Girl #2. Do you have any names picked out? I've totally commented WAY more than I should, but you really inspire me.

Crazy Lifferths said...

I have to say that you are simply the CUTEST pregnant person in the WHOLE world! I don't sound creepy saying that do I? I am glad that you had such a fun time.-Karalee

missy said...

Those two posts were PERFECT Lillie. Your trip sounds so great and I'm SO glad. How fun for you two to get together and for you to see the best spots (and food!) of the East Coast before you have baby girl #2. I seriously loved these two posts, even if it made me miss Sarah and Rebecca...

Love the belly/baby photo. Genius Sarah.

S.A.S. said...

Ha, thanks Mis. I've never wanted to be pregnant so much in my life walking around with these two adorable bellies. Everywhere we went people gave these adoring/understanding/kind glances their way and I just acted like my babydoll style was because I too might have some kind of bun in my oven.

Lil, you captured everything so well! From the pumpkin scones to the Pinkberry (I swear we didn't JUST eat), and the Miserables to the Smylies, you remembered and documented with flourish. I just LOVED being there with you and Rebecca. Frankly, I'd love being at the bottom of a well with you and Rebecca, but enjoying this city with you two was a delight. Say it's not the last time...
Miss you SO much!

Lindsay & Weston said...

Lauren said it perfectly....I love reading your posts. The way you write makes me feel like I was there with you! I'm so jealous of your girls trip and I'm so glad it happened for you guys and that you were able to enjoy every minute of it!

Becky Freestone said...

holy cow that sounds like the funnest time ever. i need to make a trip across country. we also need to have a reunion. we can meet somewhere in cali. wouldn't that be so cun. we just need to get sarah out here on this side of the country.

Sarie said...

3 beautiful ladies.

Rebecca said...

Lillie-I haven't commented yet because the post warrants a personal email, or a phone call, or a thank you card. We get guests a lot out here, and we like that about NY. But it's not often that we guests that when they leave, we're already sad and feeling so grateful that they would leave some of their spirit behind. See--this should have happened in a personal email because I'm getting all tender. I asked Stanny for your email and she hasn't given it. I think she's afraid of not being the link. I mean, it must have been clear to her last weekend that we are ready to do this whole friend thing on our own. But seriously, LOVED having you guys here. You make New York about ten times better. Please come with Ross in a bit.