Friday, September 07, 2007

The Birthday Girl!

Along with her old age has come a new concern for having clean hands at all times. I think this is why she ate her cupcake like she was bobbing for apples.

So again, two posts in one day. A little excessive. But we leave for SD again tonight because Ross has a Young Men's beach trip tomorrow so I'll spend the day with my mom and sister. I figure I may as well squeeze in more time with family pre-baby if he's going down anyway. So with another full weekend and a trip to DC and NYC coming WEDNESDAY... I thought I'd better wrap up the eternal Oceanside posts. I mean turning 2? It had to have it's moment of glory in my journal/scrapbook/blog. Thank you Nana, Grandpa B., Nana and Papa for the WONDERFUL gifts. We were in desperate need of some new indoor entertainment for the remainder of summer at our house.
No, summer is NOT even close to over out here.
Thanks again, Marie for the b/w picture at the top. What would I have done without your memory card?


Ashley said...

Lillie, your little family is so darling. Sophia could not be cuter. So fun to see all these pictures of you guys. When are you due? And could that baby get any lower?
You look GREAT!

Denae said...

Such cute pictures! Happy Birthday Sophia!

Brandon or Michelle. said...

I LOVED the shot of the inside birthday display, but where you could just see the outside...the beach was SO CLOSE! :) how fabulous.

had more dreams about you last night. :) I must be in love.

Hope you had a GREAT SD weekend! now onto DC!

S.A.S. said...

Yay for Sophia's 2nd! I'm mad at myself for not calling - it's on my desk calendar even. Happy Birthday darling Sophie B!! I love that she insists on clean hands... what fun little personality quirks come at this age. Here's to not-so-horrible 2's - and to becoming a big sister this year! Can't WAIT FOR YOU TO COME LIL!!!

Vanilla Vice said...

Your daughter is adorable! I can't believe you two have a baby! It was just yesterday you two were on a double date with me and some guy whose first name I don't remember but I think his last name was Butts...