Monday, September 03, 2007

It all started in Laguna...

I'm home! And as always, I have too much to say and too many pictures to post... so I thought I'd start somewhere, and that was at Melisa's adorable house. I got to spend Wednesday through Saturday of the week before last there with my sweet sister, her husband, and their 4 year old, Heath. I didn't take many pictures since, without Ross, I couldn't stand behind the camera while he played with Sophia, so here's just a few.

As expected, the picture doesn't do it any sort of justice, but this is the view of the ocean in the distance (on a very appreciated cloudy day) as we walked the few hundred yards from Mel's house to a cute little bakery on the PCH for breakfast Saturday morning after Ross pulled in.

Sophia LOVED her cousin Heath and mimicked him like I'd never seen her do with other kids before... she must have known he was her cool older cousin... super cute.

With so many perfect parks with PERFECT weather, Sophia spent a lot of time doing this.

And thank you Aunt Melisa for Sophia's first birthday present this year, a Cabbage Patch doll!-- she loves it and asks for her baby when she goes to bed now... I love it.

Three days of parks, shopping, eating yummy food, enjoying nice weather, a much needed pedicure, and time to really talk with my sister--- it was the best.


Becky Freestone said...

i am doing that beach visit thing in two weeks and i can't wait. i am going to get to spend time with my sisters and mom doing all the fun stuff you did, hopefully. that is what sisters are for, right? shopping, pedicures, overeating and talking all night long. love it!!

Rebecca said...

I am so glad you're back. You know I check six times a day just to see? If you ever look at your blog stats, take about thirty off of the total because those would all be me. Excited to hear about the rest of the trip. And I'm glad Heath was up for it--likely evidence to how cool Sophia actually is. I seem to remember trying to play with the big kids and getting shut down a lot.

Paulo and Melody said...

Hey check out my blog! You inspired me! I'm absolutely addicted!

LAUREN said...

So glad that you're home! I'm like Rebecca, checking, hoping that maybe you'd post at least once. Anyways, your trip sounds like it was wonderful and so much fun. Glad you got some quality time with your sis. I wish I had a sister. :)