Thursday, September 29, 2011

Soccer.... Round 2

(Poor girl would usually have her hair pulled back, but this was the weekend I was gone for the Ragnar so obviously she had the same hair all weekend.)

So.... we're doing soccer again this year. I may have... sort of accidentally, sort of intentionally let the deadline slip and skipped the sign ups. Then Ross was all heart-broken about it and Sophia kept talking about how she couldn't wait for soccer to start up again (so she could get a snow-cone afterwards... but still) so I scrambled and emailed and called and got on a wait-list and while we were in Hawaii, Ross's dad signed her up. We were committed... again. Even after last year's wonderful experience.

And if you read that post from last year... you'll know that this is A BIG DEAL:

SHE LOVES IT!... and she's (ahem) GOOD! It's like something just clicked and she realized that if she just GO's... few girls will really get in her way. And if she GO's all the way to the goal, she'll score one. She never scored a goal last year. And in the two games this year, she scored once in the first game, and three times in the second. I missed the first game but witnessed it all come together in the second... and it really did feel like once she scored one... it aaaaalllll made sense.

There's still hope of that happy soccer-mom I once dreamed I'd be. Let's talk when our spectating is accompanied by sub 100-degree temps.


Coordination Queen said...

Just read your post about last time and had to laugh. My daughter, we found, not a soccer player. Younger brother? He loves it and he's good. But his coach last season quit a few games in because her daughter didn't want to play anymore. I'm glad this round is going better. :)

Lacy said...

Yay! I am not surprised!