Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Rest of Maui... finally.

(Lizzie's photo)
Part two of Maui got good.

We left our lovely Marriott timeshare and our poolside restaurant for a YMCA in Kenae, on the way to Hana. It all started back at that Marriott pool, where we met this cute young local family staying there for the weekend. They were giving us ideas of what to see and where to eat and they suggested taking TWO days to do the road to Hana. Well where do we stay?

"Uh-- in one of our cottages that sleeps four, that overlooks the water-- for $125 a night." They say.

I have to admit it felt a little crazy, to leave the comforts of our resort for this cottage in the middle of nowhere. Until we got there, and although there was no food for miles each way, and our dinner consisted of protein bars and fruit that Shad had picked along the way, it was amazing. An adventure within our trip.

I think the morning we woke up there was my favorite morning, even though it was on the heels of like 4 hours of sketchy sleep vs. the luscious air conditioned, black-out-curtained hotel room back in Kaanapali. There was just something magical about waking up in this quiet paradise, and exploring what was around us (we'd driven in when it was dark and couldn't see a thing the night before)... and (literally) eating coconut for breakfast that the guys knocked off of a tree.

I mean we wouldn't have starved or anything. I may have had plenty of chocolate covered mac nuts. But it's still true. So a little closer, here's our darling little cabin. And some other sights that morning...

Oh... so when that little YMCA family first started giving us ideas of where we should go, they recommended a 'hip' little pizza restaurant in Paia... since we were "young and hip". Lizzie was so gracious and thankful for the compliment, and said so a few times--- so late that night when we arrived and grabbed our key out of the box, this is what we found:

And clearly, that was Lizzie looking hi- to the -ip.
lizzie's photo
This was our third trip to Hawaii with Shad and Lizzie, and every time I'm reminded of Shad's obsession with free fruit. He talks about moving there and growing a bunch of banana trees for work. Lizzie reminds him that bananas cost like a quarter and that it'd probably be really hard to make money.

But it's really fun to have him collect tons of fruit from trees and the road for us to enjoy in our jeep. It made it all feel that much more... authentic. :)

We decided to take a quick hike to this waterfall below. Shad and Lizzie beat us to it and were all swimming like crazy people. (it was COLD). So we succumbed to peer pressure and jumped in. Definitely one of the best moments of the trip.

The black sand beach. Turns out it's really the black-pebbled beach.... but still beautiful.
A little fake-tilt shift for fun----- of the seven sacred pools.

I wish we'd swam in those pools... but we were racing the clock by this point, and we decided instead to hike through the bamboo forest, to the waterfall below.

Lizzie took these gorgeous bamboo ones... and lots of others... any I'm in of course.

Then back to civilization and showers and just enjoying the beach at the Marriott...
The end. It's about time.


Karen said...

Amazing! Miss Maui

Lindsay Griffeth said...

We've done the road to Hana . . . but never thought of STAYING in the middle of it! Great idea. It looks perfect.

Janette said...

Wow, these pictures make me miss our trip to Maui we took about 3 weeks ago. I miss it like it was my long lost friend. We will have to stay at the YMCA next time. I remember seeing it and Hana was one of our favorite parts, so it def will be a must.

Unknown said...

Wow, amazing pictures! Your trip sounds wonderful!!

Mindy said...

Beautiful photos. And again are you willing to share where your beautiful necklace is from.

HMB said...

you are soooo refreshing :)

Lillie said...


I'm so sorry! Did you ask this a while back and I missed it? It seems familiar but I can't find the old comment. Anyway, I'm assuming you mean my long gold initial necklace. I got it from Homec Jewelers, out in La Quinta, here in the desert. But it's a slightly slightly less expensive version of the Helen Ficalora initial necklace.


There's a link to her site. I have a long chain... I think it's 24 inches long? Hope that helps!

Rachelle said...

Wow...gorgeous pictures of some gorgeous people!!!

amanda (+ mike and elle) said...

stunnn.unnn.unnnnning photos! i love them! seriously, this post made me laugh- and slightly regret our distain for the darn road to hana (http://mikeandmandypetersen.blogspot.com/2011/05/hawaii-finale.html)- our experience was NOT as picturesque as yours!!! i almost would be willing to try it again just because you've sold me on it...