Monday, September 26, 2011

Oh, and you love bath time...


In a few days, you'll be nine months old. NINE months. That's about as long as you spent growing in my tummy. You've got two older sisters (as you can tell by the cinderella you're holding in the first photo) who have been through this stage and yet every day, I'm still amazed. Amazed that a year ago, you were still forming finger nails and such, floating around with your eyes shut, busy giving me all sorts of heart burn and doing dances on my sciatic nerve. And now? well now you've got all kinds of tricks.

-You're developing quite the sense of humor and love to lean back and bonk your head on your highchair while you eat, and laugh about it.
- You talk when you cry... and I can only imagine what you're trying to say. We all know you've heard plenty of whining and crying and complaining in our house to learn a thing or two about it. Heaven help us. You are already learning to chatter through your woes.
-You still love to nurse and I'm SOOO relieved after being apart from you for Hawaii, AND a weekend for the Ragnar. I've had more than enough of being away from you for a while.
- You just got your two bottom teeth and you didn't appreciate it. I think you're working on your two top now, and it's meant that you're waking up around 4:30, which is unusual in our house, but I almost don't mind. Just you and me snuggled up when the house is so quiet and still.
-OH I almost forgot... you started crawling!! A few weeks ago, at about 8 and a half months. And now you're all over the place. And I've never seen a cuter bum wiggling through the air.
- You KNOW me, and miss me. And I MISS you.
-You've learned to hate diaper changes and I have to pull out all the stops to keep you happy and on your back.... it usually involves a random item hanging from my teeth for you to try and grab WHILE I'm laying you down.
- Although, most of the time, you are a happy, sweet, even-tempered baby. You are relaxed and giggly and full of joy. You are one of the good ones.
- We think you're the best one.
- Your sisters say you're the cutest, and then take it back and say, "but every baby in the whole world is the cutest" (because they're nice like that), and then I tell them it's ok to say you're the very cutest. Because you're ours. And you are.


Heidi McMillan said...

Sisters are right, he is the CUTEST baby ever! LOVE those eyes.

Klaudia said...

I just LOVE his big, so beautiful eyes :) And this last photo makes me think about clouds his propably in ;)