Saturday, September 10, 2011

Parasailing in Maui

Doesn't it look like we had fun? I think I smile when I'm nervous.

I never ever thought of it as something that would be scary. Maybe I'm afraid of heights? Never knew it. Always heard parasailing was really peaceful and thought I'd love it. But once I got up there, I just kept thinking--

"yeah that's good... I get the idea... 12 minutes huh? I have three kids at home. I can't die. A quick up and back down would really suffice.

Should I wave my arms like a weirdo so they bring me down? That means I'd have to release my death grip on these straps. These straps that have my bottom nice and secure, and they assure me can hold a truck... but are hooked on with one of those metal things that seems like little more than an over sized necklace clasp. I'm sure they'll hold me nice and tight while we both fall to the bottom of the ocean.

And then Shad will tell everyone at the office that Ross chickened out. Although Ross does look a little nervous himself... "

How many feet was it Ross? 1200? I'm bad with stuff like that, you could say 120, 1200, or 12000 and I might believe you. So don't laugh if 1200 sounds outlandish. We were high.

It didn't help that the two guys who took us out seemed like the kind that had beer for breakfast. Didn't instill tons of confidence.

The best part was when they brought us down and dipped us in the water. So those smiles are sincere. And that was a fun rush. The rest of it was peaceful and still. Which just gave you lots of time to think about how hard the water would feel if you fell. (VERY-- as it turns out, 'because it's super dense from all the salt', as the boat-driver with the wad of tobacco in his bottom lip informed us.) Thanks.

BUT--- it's checked off my list.

On another note. I am having computer hell. We're working on "the restore" on our brand new hard drive after the crash. And apparently, with our amount of data, it could take like three weeks. WHAT? I think that's what I get for keeping most of my images at like 21 megapixels from this camera. And not cleaning up enough. But I am so lost without all of my familiar files and programs. It's like I've got this empty shell of a computer. A stranger--- impostor-- in my friendly little armoire.

These pictures were taken by the boat guy and on their own little sd card... hoped they'd hold me over since I'm dying to post the rest of the trip that I had all organized and ready to go!

I miss my old hard drive.


amanda (+ mike and elle) said...

that kind of made me laugh hysterically:) i've always wanted to go! then again, maybe i won't give it a shot after all. the ground is nice & secure. i like stability.

brooke said...

I wish I had your legs...them looks so nice even in those pictures!

Mindy said...

I would love to know where your necklace is from that you are wearing in the hawaii pictures.