Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Sweet Mila,

I was looking back at the post below, and I see these pictures and I remember the moments of the day where you smiled just like that. Usually your teeth show too, but your nose scrunches up and your eyes squint and I shake my head in awe at how darling you are.

Usually it's when you're asking for a show or some bubble gum, but sometimes it's just because.

Sometimes it's when you've snuggled into me and pulled my head close to give me a good lippy kiss. Sometimes it's when you're thanking me for your snack or when I come in to get you at the gym and we reunite. I look at these pictures and I remember your soft morning voice and fluffy bed head, and all the times you told me you love me, and the way you use your tender mama voice when you're talking to Finn. I remember the good things...

I'll continue to post pictures of this smile.... so that perhaps I can repress the... other face you make all day. The one that usually accompanies shrieking. I know that your sweet side is as sweet as they come... but girl...

You are ON one right now.

And maybe pictures like this will get me through this phase we're in... the incessant fits and whining. The irrational screaming and discontent. You are lucky this smile is so cute baby girl. And that your sweet--- is dang sweet. And even with all of your attitude, and need to be SOOO three, I am so lucky to have you. Our home would have a hole the size of Texas, without you in it.


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moliver said...

I absolutely love this post! I love all of your sweet posts about your kids and I thought this was going to be one of those (and it was) but the twist at the end was classic. BTW, I can totally relate to the sweetie with horrendous tantrum-throwing abilities. I've got one of those of my own.
Beautifully done.