Saturday, March 26, 2011

Some pretty, girly inspiration

(audrey hepburn quote)

Still working on my girls' room.

I don't think I'm normal. I'm exceptionally indecisive and a little flakey. I return like half of what I buy in life... which is why I buy almost everything at Target. It makes it possible. I ALWAYS have target bags in the back of my car ready to go back whenever I end up there. I know all I need is my trusty credit card. No concern for hanging on to receipts or meeting 30 day deadlines. I have issues with commitment, I think. I won't tell you how many stupid Forever 21 shirts I have with the tag still on. I hate bad return policies more than anything.

Also.... I want so badly to be organized and MAINTAIN (the operative word) a super clean, and orderly house. But I don't. I want to feel like every room is decorated in a way that makes me happy--- but we've been in this house for three years and there are spaces that are virtually untouched. And sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by the simple day-to-day, I don't know when I'm supposed to fit in a project.

But it's important to me... so I WANT to. Otherwise I feel the constant feeling of being undone, like when you accidentally go out with only one eye mascara'd. (yes I have.) But it's SOOO hard for me to make decisions... and find stuff I can do on a budget of course.. but even if I had all the money in the world, I think it would still take me years. Because you can't just toss a bedroom in the back of your car to return it when you change your mind.

SO--- I'm STILL making decisions for the girls' newly shared room. And after all of this deliberation, you'd think it'd be PERFECT. But I've decided it just takes me LOTS and lots of research and vacillation and TIME to do what a normal mommy, who likes to decorate, would do in a few weeks. ugh.

So here's where I'm at with the plan.... just for record's sake. Let's see where we end up at the end of it all. What a fuuuun game.

beds- ikea
pouf- tazi


Lindsay Griffeth said...

oh, Lillie. You just described me, too! :)

. Always a Target return bag in my car. ALWAYS. And usually a few others, too.

. I soooo want everything in order, with a place & perfectly decorated. But it's not happening.

You always seem to get things done and changed and updated and accomplished! Your house looks fabulous via the blog!

Missy said...

I'm loving this combination so I say go with it! Where is the flowery material from? Amy Butler? So cute!

I am a returner too - I hate doing it, but feel so relieved after it is done.

Kenyon said...

Question...did you make the framed Audrey Hepburn quote? It's one of my favorites. I love the color scheme on everything!

Lizzie said...

i'm luvin' the rug. very cute. i made kate a skirt out of that's so cute. i love it. and of course the pouf is so cute and a great color.

and that quote from audrey hepburn....i want to put that on my wall. wow.

Lizzie said...

oh yeah, and your projects?? your the best person i KNOW at this. i feel like you really decide what you want and then you do it. and it's beautiful. always.

Tess Smith said...

what are the green and white stripe-y things? curtains? my daughters room is a pretty purple like this and i'm having the hardest time deciding on window treatments.

Lillie said...

Hey Tess,

Yes, I'm having curtains made out of the green and white striped fabric. I searched and searched for some thick horizontal stripes--- I'm loving that... and this color was a little different than I wanted, but I'm still so excited . Here's the link to the fabric.

Lillie said...

OH and Kenyon!... no... I had no idea where I'd found that... but I just googled it and found it here on etsy:

Darling right?

staceykt22 said...

The room is going to be lovely! Good job mama!

anislandlife said...

I love everything about your little girls room! Where did you find the white duvet covers, or are they just white comforters?

Lillie said...

anislandlife--- the duvets were from west elm at the time.... they have a little embroidery... I feel like they were called morroccan or something exciting like that?? :)