Monday, March 07, 2011



You are three and I feel like I can see you at 100. You are confident and self-assured and honest. If you're honest to a fault, dad will say you're JUST like me. I'll be proud.

You are loving and snuggly and social--- but independent and so secure. You could play for hours by yourself-- a whole Mila show where you play the mommy, the baby, and the kitty cat... a little too often, the bad guy. You do voices and characters and imagine stories and conversations and make up songs that go and go.... I watch you in awe.

You still throw fits like no body's business and possibly bring out my loudest, meanest side. But we forgive each other quickly and tenderly. You can go from 0-60 before I know what's happening, but at the mention of a piece of bubble gum your entire countenance can be transformed and calmed.... you like to test me. You teach me patience and understanding... and you've made us masters of the art of distraction. I think you're just trying to make me a better mom. Your intentions are good I'm sure. :)

You are explosive and fiery, and yet so lovely and magnificent-- a sight to see. Like that space where the waterfall meets the water below. You can be so loud and strong--- but you can be so sweet and small. With your small morning voice and tiny hands on my back trying to touch me without bothering me whispering "is it still night-time? is it morning time yet?... I think it's getting morning time..."

You make me wish CONSTANTLY that I was better at videoing life... you are smart and darling and overwhelming and funny and clever and CRAZY and passionate and sweet--- so sweet.

I love you baby girl.



Laura said...


How do you post such big pictures using your MAC? I am desperate to make mine bigger. I used to use Windows Live Writer and the pictures were great, but obviously I can't use my Windows knowledge on my new MAC.

P.S. Mila looks absolutely beautiful as usual!!


Brandon or Michelle said...

Absolutely fabulous. Reading this gave me another reason i wish we lived closer. everyone needs a little mila in their lives.

alex said...

wow. shes adorable..
beautiful child

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Lowdogg said...

This post has it all...
Adorable little girl AND links to Alaskan fishing charters!