Wednesday, March 02, 2011

American Idol

I was skeptical of what American Idol would be with the new judges. It's so much BETTER. I've never been a J Lo fan, but watching her on AI, I think she's just lovely. LOVELY. And how rad is Stephen Tyler? Who'd have guessed it? I never knew he was so sweet and almost... normal. And yet super weird. I don't know. But I like him.

But Casey Abrams... Oh I just LOVE this guy. Even though he always looks like he needs a shower. His voice, his creativity, that big base he's pulled out a couple of times, his expressions--- my fave right now. And I LOVED Fraggle Rock as a kid---

Also loving, Paul McDonald and his soft voice. I loved his duet a few weeks ago with Jenna from 30 Rock. Ok it wasn't her, but watch it again, you'll see the resemblance. I could NOT take her seriously. Back to Paul.... I even love his quirky gimp arm.

Gotta mention, but too lazy to grab a photo... also loving Tim Halperin which coincidentally reminds me of Jim Halpert (and THEN I heard his name so it seemed eerily coincidental to me.) la la loved his "Let it Be" duet with that gorgeous Colombian girl with all the cute skirts.

I always think I might be over the show by the end of a season... but this one's got me good.


Rachelle said...

So, in "Brooke speak" I'm OBSESSED with American Idol...and, specifically, JLo. Who knew she was so kind and loving and sincere? I'm loving all the fun characters and amazing chops this season!!!

Lowdogg said...

I told Lacy that Kendra looked like 30 Rock Jenna.