Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mila's self-portrait

(I feel like I'm always saving and saving and then eventually... just dumping. I keep promising myself I'll save more of their artwork digitally like this.)

Somehow I hadn't noticed how Mila's art skills were evolving. Then I went to a mommy-and-me day at preschool and saw her draw her self-portrait. I died... because then I paid a little more attention to what she was drawing in our art niche all day long and it was systematic... every time... the same. She starts with the eyes, nose, and mouth... sometimes does the ARMS (those are the lines that look like cheekbones above, then the two lines down for legs, and hair that usually extends longer than the "body"...

I love it. I think it gives a little insight into what they see.. she sees no need for borders... chin or cheeks or ears... just the face and the HAIR. She loves hair. She's always yanking out my pony, "take your pony out so you look beautiful mom!".

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Janelle Holmboe said...

Hi there. Love the blog and the art! Have you heard about the Jan Eleni collage? Ridiculously genius and crazy expensive, but SUCH a great idea for saving kids' artwork! Anyway, just thought I would share. Janelle from http://ochickadee.blogspot.com