Tuesday, March 15, 2011

At (almost) 11 weeks, he:

- Smiles- I think he might be stingy with them like Sophia was. You had to pull out your best material to get smiles out of her. He lights up when he first wakes up and his whole face is a smile... but sometimes he's still looking at the top of my head or who-knows-where at the angels behind me. I haven't found any for-sure smile-makers yet. But he's happy and bright-eyed and aware and DARLING. I love this stage.

-Eats every 4 hours or so during the day- takes like 10 minutes and I wish it took hours... favorite thing I do all day... curled up on the couch with him snuggled in and my kindle in my spare hand.

- Wears 6-9 month clothes (except for pants)

- Has been sleeping a good 8-10 hours at night... and yes I am so so grateful for this! I woke him up last night at like 10:30 to feed him, then he cried out at 6am, I popped his binky in and he went 'till 8! It was the first night we finally put him in his own room and apparently the girls talking a mile a minute at 6am to let us know what they dreamed about was not white noise to him. (That's when he had been eating)... I love my chubby sleepy babies. I think Heavenly Father knows how much I love my sleep.

- Still looks like he's a red head!

- Burps like a champ... and RARELY spits up (his sisters lost half of EVERY meal.. so this is wonderful.)

- Still has the cutest little button nose you've ever seen.


Los viajes de Lucas said...

I never leave a comment but i follow you and i´m abosolutly in love with your pictures... always checking if you have something new. I have a baby of almost 8 months i would love to take him pictures as the ones you make. Thanks for share them with us

Brandon or Michelle said...

Wow, just LOOK at that shot.

I'm totally jealous of your self control. If I took pictures like this, I would post 2 dozen of them.

heck, I still post 2 dozen of them.

sigh. come over.

Rachelle said...

So...sorry about the kind of harsh comment last time! Just love you and can't stand anyone talking that way about one of my favorite people!:0)
I can totally relate to feeling like Heavenly Father is aware of my requirement for sleep because despite all the other crazy dynamics in our family, our boys are amazing sleepers and I am soo soo grateful.
He's gorgeous Lillie! Can't wait to finally meet him, SOON!
Missing you...as always!

Braden said...
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Meet the Harkers said...

Finn is such a cutie! I talked to grandpa and he was telling me all about how he had such a great time at Finn's blessing with you guys. Also, I love that "graph paper" baby blanket! Where did you get it? Super cute. Hope all is well!