Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oops, I wasn't Finn-ished. ha. See what I did there?

Oh and I forgot to mention, at his 2 month appointment
(a couple of weeks and many feedings ago) he was:
15 lb 6 oz.
97th percentile for weight and 66th for height.

Oooh I posted that second photo and it made me think of an old one of Mila.... let's do a comparison shall we?

Sophia with baby Mila/ Sophia with baby Finn

Everyone says he looks like Mila... but I flipped through Sophia's 1st year scrapbook the other day (pre-blogging days... home with ONE new baby... I scrapbooked. And yes Ross, scrapbook is still a verb... have you done it? Hard work.) anyway... flipped through and thought Finn looked SO much like her to me. I'll have to do some scanning and posting and see if I'm the only one.

I got an email from a www friend in Ireland today, my girls are in green, with a special bag of pistachios in their lunches, and I plan on pulling out the green sports bra for they gym--- I'm feeling especially festive. Happy Saint Patrick's Day!


bailey-boo said...

about the comparison...I thought that the first one was Mila and Finn, and the second one was Sophia and Finn. I totally had to re-read that sentence above a couple of times before I figured it out - the first was was Mila and the second one was Finn. cute. :) Love it! And totally feeling the holiday jitter...parents anniversary, so doubled! :) feeling green today.

Jennifer said...

I totally thought that was Mila combing Finn's hair! LOL. Definitely a trick on the eyes! Such cuties :) We love how Emma looks like Dallin did as a baby. It's crazy! I always thought Dallin would be a beautiful girl... so now I have proof :)