Tuesday, February 09, 2010

On motherhood

Saw this on someone else's blog... probably Little Green Notebook since I did a full dive into her archives. I LOVE this photo. When I was growing up, my mom collected paintings and statues of mother-and-child. So this makes me think of her for a couple of reasons, the other being obvious. (And not because she sits in fields bottomless.)
Just feeling grateful today. For having a mom I feel so tenderly about, and BEING a mom. Oh there is nothing in the world as sweet.


You know how sometimes your kids say things that swell your heart so big it could burst. But to others it doesn't sound like much? This is probably one of those. Disclaimer made if bored from here on.

Last night, our family prayers by Sophia's bed were mostly just her and I. Ross was on the couch-- the pain is still in and out, he must be passing the other stones) Mila was refusing to leave the dollhouse unattended. Sophia volunteered to say it and started with some obnoxious mention of hot dogs with a big hardy laugh. This is her joke of the week. ANYTHING with the word hot-dog in it. NO idea why. But it's bugging me in normal life... so it bugged me even more in a prayer.

"We don't tell jokes in prayers Sophia. And we don't use that crazy cartoon voice... just the normal one."

I thought she'd get all grumpy like she does when I scold her a little for anything. But instead she quickly restarted... forehead against mine, her breath warm on my exhausted, mommy face.

"We're thankful for this day-- and that daddy's tummy's a little better, and we played with toys, and we played with Kate, and we're going to a birthday party tomorrow. And I like to draw... I like to draw my name. And I can draw my name berry well. And my mom--- my mom.... um... my mom is SOOO proud of me because I can write my name berry berry well.... "

this is when my eyes welled up with tears. The same eyes that had been giving her mommy-glare after a day of random "hot-dog" outbursts.

"And I love to draw my letters. I can draw M and O and P and H and I and A... and S. And E, and T, P, N, and V... lots and LOTS of letters. And we're thankful for Jesus. In the name of ......."

Sometimes it's just almost so incredible it hurts. It's just so incredible. So INCREDIBLE that we made these little girls and that they are OUR little girls to nurture and love and encourage and BUILD every ounce of confidence they'll need to take on this world. Ours to teach all about a Heavenly Father and his plan of salvation so they will be FULLY equipped to stand out and be peculiar, and be ok with that. And then I think of kids who are not uplifted and loved and TREASURED and I forget that there could be any greater sin in the world than that.

I'm all over the place.

But I'm the luckiest mom in the world. And today I think I could have a dozen... because I am TERRIFIED at the thought of reaching a day where my home is not ringing with the melody of their little voices saying these precious things.

Just so grateful to be a mommy.


Domestic Goddess said...

what a sweet baby girl! i don't have any kids yet, but that is what i'm so looking forward to one day!

Lowdogg said...

That picture made me think of the weird coincidence of back-to-back no-pants commercials from the Super Bowl.

Lacy said...

Very sweet story Lillie. I bet it felt good to hear that she knows how proud you are of her and what she does well. I was blown away by how she writes and draws the way an adult would doodle to stay awake in church. Very cool. It sounds like she thinks on her own and says her own prayers too. I can't figure out how to get my kids to take ownership of their prayers. I am happy if they agree to say it but it always sounds memorized and like two lines long. Did Sophia ever go through that? Joseph has been asking to move to the dessert (where it never rains) a lot lately and to see Mila and Sophia. Love you!

Cute picture but what on earth was she doing in that field with no pants on? (;

Sarie said...

I know. I so so know.

Jennifer said...

Wow... you really know how to put it into words. Amazing Lillie, I mean really! This brought tears to my eyes. So sweet.

Lisa G said...

I LOVE this post!! I,too, wish all children were genuinly show love and acceptance-and work sooo very hard to do this for my babies. As a Pediatric Nurse I try so hard to do this for all children I encounter--not from my education but from my "plight" in life. Thank you --Lisa

Jon and Diana said...

I'm sharing this prayer with Jon. Today is our ultrasound and he is scared of having a girl. This will make him realize that they are adorable and funny, just as much or more than boys.

Becky said...

what a sweet post. i almost teared up, which as you know is unusual for me. i am so excited to me a mom.

sheena said...