Friday, February 26, 2010


Don't remember where I saved this image from.... but I just thought it was cute. Today's a random blog... it's Friday, I'm trying to muster up enough braincells to make it through one more normal week day. I think bullets will be easier for them to handle.

- I have (this is where I'm supposed to cross out "have" and replace it with "get" -------how do people do that cross-out thing?) to give a talk on Sunday at church. I know it will be good for me, since you always learn so much in preparing for something like that. But I thought I'd feel better about it by now and it's not coming together yet. Feeling stressed.

- perhaps it's not coming together because yesterday, while hitting a stride writing it, I accidentally highlighted a whole paragraph and hit "return" which of course deleted the paragraph. Well.... get this, I'm so used to blogging, that I THOUGHT about the undo button, and then I thought how it wasn't an option (since this has happened to me a number of times in blogger and it's not an option THERE) so I quickly turned OFF my computer (mmm hmmm) thinking that this way it would retrieve the most recently saved version that would include most of that paragraph. Like I've done in blogger. Blasted blogger. Blasted end-of-the-week braincells. I lost the whole thing.

-And then Mila woke up an hour and a half earlier than usual from her nap because she'd pooped before she fell asleep and slept in it. Nice.

- Those ten minutes had me in tears. But then we jumped on the bike to pick Sophia up from Kate's, and went to the park with friends for the nicest weather ever. All was well.

- Today's Friday and I love Friday's because we get Sophia all day--- I don't have to have her looking human by 8 for school... and we can do whatever the heck we want. All day. If only my love-handles weren't still making some calls. Off to Body Combat. Where you surrender to moves that make you look like an uncoordinated, rag doll. But it's worth it.

- I ordered my first official set of baby announcements for a client. I'm excited about it. Feeling much more comfortable in Photoshop these days.

- Did I mention I'm doing an all day "Shootshop" with these photographers next week in Vegas? I'm SOOO excited and just a little nervous! They are the masters of making life look like the best party ever--- so I'm hoping they'll pass on all of their best secrets.

- I was so excited for the girls of American Idol this year, then a bit disappointed with their performances, than even MORE disappointed with the go-homes! I really liked both of them, and definitely could have lost several before them. Bummer. Won't miss the boys. Did you see last night when the long-haired country boy that Kara sexually harasses made that goofy face in the camera? Ross and I rewinded that like 4 times and could NOT stop laughing. I think he's a new fave for me.

- Happy Friday. I think you're lovely. It's true. (see image above.)


Francis said...

Good luck on your sunday talk, Im sure everything will come together by then! said...

Looking forward to your talk - no pressure though.

Have a great time at the Shootout. How exciting!!! Jealous. (I think you could teach them a thing or two.)