Monday, February 01, 2010

In honor of Valentine's Day... right around the corner

We found a heart rock. Well Sophia did. And she treasured it like gold. I think it's lucky. Maybe it'll bring me so much luck my husband's flight will be cancelled and he WON'T go on mancation over valentine's weekend. Uh huh. Two years in a row. This explains all the good-hubby-ness. He butters me up all year long so I'll forgive his leaving me alone on the weekend-for-lovers for some stinky boys and snowmobiling. Pfft. At least I've got my girls to eat heart shaped something-or-others with all weekend long.
And speaking of love. Tere watched my girls last week while I took these pictures of her precious niece. I love these boys.

I think Sophia does too.

(I should mention that the photos at the top were taken AFTER crazy hair day, which is why she's got four ponies. They were, however taken BEFORE she cut one of the ponies off because "crazy hair day was over"... that's what I get for being too lazy to wash it for a few days. Ross came upstairs to me with a fist full of blonde hair .... "it happened.... " . I think we'll survive it with some clips and the usual french braid in front.... )


Christin said...

I love baby bellies.

Lizzie said...

Are you serious? Sophia cut off one of her ponies?? I am so sorry.

TnD said...

I think all the "left" wives should do a girls night out while the boys are at play. We'll make sure we look exceptionally svelte and text them lots of pics of us laughing, eating and generally not missing them--which I know we secretly or maybe not so secretly will.

A Wedding Story said...

Beautiful pictures!