Friday, February 05, 2010

Just because she's lovely.

And because my Internet was down all morning and I finally remembered where we shoved our dusty old router so I could, with the help of the middle-eastern woman on the phone and like 30 minutes wasted, diagnose the problem.

Unplugged chord.

Lame. (Said in the voice of Dwight Shrute on Monsters vs. aliens when he's talking about the omega quadrant. What? Have you not watched it a hundred times like us?)

But seriously, the photo. Doesn't she look like 18? Scary. But she turns my whole heart to butter.


momMYsliceoflife said...

She is very lovely! It always trips me out when my kids looks much older than they are in pictures!

Sarie said...


And yes, I know EXACTLY what voice you're talking about. Dwight is so perfect.

Brooke said...

Hey girl! Its late and I had some time and found myself missing you guys!!! love, love, love the changes to your beautiful house...especially that fab blue sofa! where did you get that again? oh you are so helping me decorate some day when we finally buy a house! xoxo

Rachelle said...

She couldn't have come any sweeter or cuter that's for sure!

Brandon or Michelle said...

love the sunshine behind her..I'm sure it's old hat to you, but it's still magic to me. and those eyes...and that stoic grown up.