Tuesday, July 28, 2009

On "The Bachelorette"

-Did they seriously show a volcano erupt after her successful time with Ed? wow.

-Do they have to do the plank and proposal thing in the middle of the day when the hot sun is making her all sweaty and shiny? I totally feel for her.

-So I LOVED Ed in the beginning. When he seemed like this really normal guy. Kind of mellow, more grown up than some others. Normal. But something happened. Not so normal. Once he started making all of his speeches (like to go home to work) where he got a little nerdier and over dramatic. Red flag.

-Then he wore the green shorts that while cute, and probably very fashionable, were just a little too much of a statement for me. Like an "I love my long legs in a weird womanly way" statement. And then he wore them again last night? When on TV, you're supposed to have AT LEAST two swimsuits. I'm sure that was in the Bachelorette handbook somewhere. Which means he's not a rule-follower. Red flag.

-Bedroom scene: Creepy. Confusing. Red flag.

-And then it seems he's an only child,(I'm not judging, just sayin')--- an only child of a dad with a really creepy mustache. Serious red flag. Were they actors? So weird. I just don't really buy him. Like some thing's not right.

-His big aloha shirt two weeks ago in Hawaii? Red flag.

-Didn't really think Kiptyn was that into her, but seriously, San Diego or Chicago? Who cares about "connection". ;)

-Reid. Oh Reid. I fell in love with him and his cute crooked mouth a few weeks ago and he became my front-runner. Too bad he was never hers'.

-And too bad Jill forgot that the fact that he did NOT recite all the right lines from Bachelorette precedent was maybe... a good thing? Like he was for real?

-Although, he WAS surprisingly over-confident on his big return. He hadn't really thought that one through huh? But he clearly thought they had it. (you know.... the connection.)

-The producers really worked hard to mix this one up. Clearly it's less reality than ever--- but they still had me at Kiptyn's first hello and scary-David's weird Lenny-like lull.


Lisa R said...

Seriously! I feel the same way! I was telling my roommate the same things about Ed last night. Really. with the shorts, planned lines, etc. And what was that line about her being one of the guys but also someone he could spend the rest of his life with...does he want to spend the rest of his life with her or a guy friend? hmmm, i totally was cheering Reid on. He seemed just in her element and a good match. Oh well, what can we do...go on living our lives I guess with whatever entertainment we find on the tele ;)

Sarie said...

I couldn't see her saying yes to Reid ever. He was out of her league, and definitely the cutest man there. And I LOVE that he moved slow. And buried his face in her neck at all times. So cute. But I knew she'd say no because she's a little systematic... can't handle spontanaeity even though she says she loves it.

Ya, Ed, such a weird sense of humor that guy. And geeky. You can't pick someone who had a HUGE hiccup in the chemistry department! Things need to be smooth! So weird. Kiptyn was a little business-like, but I thought for SURE she was going to pick him from the beginning. Such a surprise to me.

alliehoopes said...

I thought from the beginning that they were setting Kip up to be the next bachelor. Also by far the best moments of this episode for me all involved a big taxi van and the sliding door. Really? Prince Charming steps out of a minivan. Then sliiiiides the door closed. And yes, love Better Off Ted (though not as much as that other one). You're the first person I've heard talk of it though...hope it continues.

Lindsay Griffeth said...

I LOVED Reid and totally agree about Ed. We'll see on that one. :)

brooke said...

Although I may share ytour thought on Ed and his weirdness on their first Hawaii date...I still have to say that I am glad she picked him. Kiptyn's bald spot on the back of his head made me nervous, but his body sure didn't...and Reid had obviously gone home 2 weeks ago for a reason.
We'll see how it all is tonight!


loved this blog- I couldn't get over the green shorts either and the tanktops- yowsa.

Rebecca Smylie said...

Go Kiptyn. Lillie, you like Reid? No way. Sarie, you too? No way. Also, while I wanted it to be Kiptyn, I admit, Ed liked her the most, and for most relationships, that's what you actually need.