Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I thought I was growing it back out.

Until I couldn't stand it for one more second of one more day. It's just reached this awful grow-out length that isn't short enough to bounce, but isn't long enough to really HANG so it just sort of poofs.

And the pony isn't short enough to do that cute little spout, but it's not long enough to venture toward an s-curve, it just kind of... poofs. It's the worst pony ever. I need my pony. So these are my finalists for photos I'm taking to my girl tomorrow.
Oh yeah, I'm thinking maybe bangs? I've done them twice and hated them twice (ok more if you count the split-and-spray bangs I had in the fifth grade... I got too lazy to curl the bottom half, so I'd just spray the top half in a wave to the side and let the bottom half hang straight down... I was a trend-setter I tell you.) But regardless..... it seems I want to do them again. I really like the bangs on my hair girl, so I'm hoping that means she could make me look good in bangs too. ?? We'll see. Obviously Gwenyth looks amazing without the bang, but she can do that killer middle part. I used to think I was a middle-parter, but somewhere between age 24 and now it lost it's hip and went total hippie on me. So I'm thinking maybe the bang will give me something fun to work with when my hair is just in a little pony etc....

what say you?

I think these ones are my favorite of the collage above.

Can you tell I like wavy? Another thing that's happened between about 24 and now is my afro. Once upon a time I had silky smooth hair. Well that is no longer. So I've discovered a tousled wave is easier than a full flat-ironed look. So I'm just going to pretend that my um.... very TRUE tousled hair (like the kind Sophia has after she's rubbed it all over her car-seat) can look like these girls with their perfectly styled-to be-tousled hair. Wish me luck.


brooke said...

I can't wait to see it. It's going to look amazing, and so styled.
I am sure I will when mine cut after I see it.
Glad you found the picture of the girl I was talking about!

Karley said...

My vote is Nicole Richie hair, you can handle the bangs; I promise. And if for some reason you can't just remember they grow really fast. Yay for short hair! I am with Brooke in that I will probably cut mine short after I see yours.

Crazy Lifferths said...

I vote for Nicole Richie. If you want my opinion (as a hair stylist :) I think her hair is the biggest variety. I think that you would get sick of Gwenyth's hairstyle way too fast. But I think that if you hate bangs, those might still be too long and will drive you nuts. Go shorter, not much, but a little bit more.

Brandon or Michelle said...

whatever, you look great regardless. I will be your friend who forever has the SAME EXACT HAIR. for 20 years. I'm already at 10. :) good luck, you know we can't wait to see it.

Keith and Courtney said...

Hey Lillie! I was just having a hair conversation with someone a few days ago and told them about a roomate I once had that had beautiful long blonde hair that she could just let air dry and it would dry perfectly straight and beautiful. That was you! I think you look pretty with short hair too. I tried the bangs recently and hated them. If you're willing to learn to deal with having them in your face then go for it 'cause they do look great and add variety to the do.
BTW-love your blog! It's fun to see you and your beautiful family. Next time I go through your area (or we are by the beach at the same time) I totally want to hire you to take pictures of us!

Kimberly said...

I probably shouldn't have a say since I don't do your hair anymore, but knowing you and a thing or two about hair - if I were you - I would go with the Gwenyth look for a few reasons: 1. bangs in the summer SUCK! Your forehead can't breath because your bangs are on them which makes your head hot, which makes your forehead sweat which makes your bangs stick to them and then they look really bad. Trust me. and 2. remember you HATED your bangs last time, history repeats itself. 3. Your amount of hair & texture is way different from Nicole Richey's so the cut will look different on you than on her and then you won't feel like it really looks like her's, you know? Plus, you can SO do a middle part - do middle but just slightly off to the side, it looks the best. Good luck :)

Attic Gal Alysa said...

Seriously Lillie. Is there anything that wouldn't look good on you??? You do whatever you want because you'll look fabulous. Wish I could do the "no bangs" look because I have the "5" head not the "4"head. So be glad you can go either way. Be sure to post pictures.

S.A.S. said...

Have you done this yet? I'm dying to see! I know the haircut is on my list of things to do one day... so lead the way in inspiration. These are all beautiful. I love the ones you like best - with the bangs and waviness... Bangs are sick on me, but people are right in pointing out that you look good no matter what (remember how hot you were in that white/blue/pink bobbed wig?). I hope to SEE it in person soon.